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Closing account and moving out

posted by anic | 2 years ago

I closed my account on 31 October 2018, and had over 230GBP in DD overpayment>  This amount has not been reimbursed, neither has it appeared in my new SSE account.  How can I find out where the money is and get it back to where it belongs - in my account?


posted by Michael_D | 2 years ago
Re: Closing account and moving out

I tried to close my account on the 4th February, and was told the system was down.

Logging on, my Gas account is showing its being closed down but electricity is still active. How can this be if I've given meter readings at the same time for both?

I called up, but it felt like I was being fobbed off. I know my account will be in credit as the property has been empty for over six months with very little usage.

Can someone from Scottish Power come back to me with an update please?

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Closing account and moving out

@ anic You have to persevere. SP have to let you know what the balance on your account is, especially as you've no longer a customer - and as they haven't been asking you for more money it's highly likely you're in credit. Under new GDPR2018 legislation you have a right to know, so can submit a Subject Access Request for a copy of your final bill showing any balances and undisclosed charges which will show you in black and white. The Information Commissioner's Office has a website with letter templates and guidelines for you to follow. There are timescales to follow too, so if SP drag their feet you can submit a complaint via The ICO.

I have had trouble with firms in the past (not Scottish Power) regarding not telling me what I want to know, and simply mentioning The ICO has resolved my problem in days when previously these firms have had me waiting months. Ask nicely first though, eh?

posted by Michael_D | 2 years ago
Re: Closing account and moving out
Thanks Jonnel, great informative tips.
I'll persevere a little longer before going to the next stage.
Hope you're no longer having trouble.
Thanks again,

posted by anic | 2 years ago
Re: Closing account and moving out

Thanks for all the relies stressing patience and perserverance:  why does SP rely on amateur "input" rather than employ specialist personnel to deal with customer problems?  Another example of a shareholder economic model that regards customers as a necessary evil  to be fleeced?


posted by nicnuts | 2 years ago
Re: Closing account and moving out

Is some one there at Scotish Power a/c no 16070966492 you have my contact details I have soent so far 2 hrs over the last 2 days on the phone waiting for someone to answer the dam thing to close down supply as I sold house and wanted to give final readings, so now you can contact me.

I cant wait to be rid of this company for all of my accounts you a shamble's and a joke to the hole industry.


posted by Mach13 | A year ago
Re: Closing account and moving out
Oh dear this does not bode well... I've sold my home and am having problems trying to find a way of informing SP via the web site. The moving home option doesn't help as it only seems to relate to an onward move. Support just referred me back to that same page Smiley Sad

posted by PeeVee | A year ago
Re: Closing account and moving out
Still the same situation as yours. It's a joke (if it were funny). Barriers being put in the way at every stage of trying to close an unused account. Can't seem to find a way through this!!!

posted by Rebeccavt | A year ago
Re: Closing account and moving out
Im having this same issue. Asked for account to be ckosed when we moved, we were contacted to say it had been done. Then all of a sudden the account has been re-opened without our input and we have been billed for gas we didn't use?!

posted by janic | A year ago
Re: Closing account and moving out

I've been trying to close an account on an empty property for the last 3 weeks,   the gas  tarif is high and up to yet i've paid £140. since the end of Feb. I've tried to call but end up speaking via live chat to someone in India who I think is just giving me answers from a crib sheet.  They tell me i'm using more as im at home.  For one the property is EMPTY and 2 i'm actually going into work.  I would like help please either changing the tarif until the house is sold or close the account down completely.  I understand things are not normal at the moment, but surely Scottish Power can't keep expecting me to pay high costs on an empty property.  I've even had the gas suppl switched off for safety purposes.

Can anyone please help?