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Comfort Plus Control tariff choice

posted by RJF | A year ago

An elderly relative and myself are both on Comfort Plus Control metering.

She is being told that means she has no choice, only the standard tariff is available to her, but I changed a while back to a fixed rate tariff that ends in June 2020.

Has the situation changed since my switch, or is what she was told wrong?

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posted by SandieK | 3 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus Control tariff choice

The advice being given by any Scottish Power employee is bound to be wrong.
They will tell you utter nonsense, and it changes each time I have phoned them. I totally refuse to deal with them on the phone now, they must write to me. That way, I have it all in writing.
I suggest you do the same too.

I have two meters and I have managed to change tariff with Scottish Power. However what is apparently very difficult indeed is to change supplier, as none I've come across accept two MPAN numbers (2 meters).

Best of luck. I hope you have lots of patience. You'll need it dealing with this crowd.