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Comfort Plus White Meter/Complex Meters

posted by Em_Mounf | 4 months ago

Hi everyone.

I recently moved into a flat with a comfort plus white meter and have read a lot on SP community about the problems people are facing with this meter, as well as other complex meters.  After seeking advice with a help page for my local area (Edinburgh), a resident made a Facebook page to support people with these types of meters. The page is called Complex Electricity Meters UK and the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1086059095122267. The page is very new, but the more people who post what they know, the more information we have. I post this page to not only help people with these complex meters, but also to collaborate the experiences people have had when dealing with Scottish Power. The behavour of Scottish Power and the treatment of its customers is appauling. I hope with a collective effort something can be done.


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posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus White Meter/Complex Meters
@Em_Mounf. Thanks for the information, just make sure if you are in a rented place that your landlord is ok with any changes you make. Comfort Plus is a big problem.