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Comfort Plus White meter

posted by JoanneG | A year ago

Help !,   I have just moved home and am on the above meters.  I have three separate meters plus a radio teleswitch.     I am on standard tariff (seemingly the only tarrif allowed with this meter set up )    It has a day rate. A night rate and a control rate for my very old storage heaters (this means sp controls through the radio teleswitch what times my heaters go on and off and this in my part of the country  is decided by the weather temperature at Glasgow airport )

I have phoned sp three times and on all three occasions I have been given conflicting advice.    I am unaware of what time the low rate and high rate starts on any of my meters.  Nobody at sp seems to know for sure or at what rate I am being charged for each meter and one was unaware what a radio teleswitch actually is !

I am in rented accommodation and my landlord is none the wiser and says energy problems are my responsibility.    Does anyone who has these meters have any idea about the white meter that measures the storage heater consumption.?    During the night the red light flickers on and off which I assume is when I am being allowed fire up heating time for my storage heaters.  Yet at other times it constantly glows red and yet again at other times the light goes out completely. 

Can anybody tell me who to go for advice concerning all this as sp do not seem to know how their own system works.  I've also been  told sp have always been the supplier for this property and I will find it near impossible to change as many suppliers do not find the three meters and radio switch compatible with their system  They also said I am responsible for paying for change of meters which would cost a fortune and I need the the three meters because of my hot water and heating set up

Thank you if you have read to the end of this I would be grateful for any advice as I am at a loss as to what or where to go next. 



posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

@JoanneG   Hi. Comfort plus is unique to SP and is hard to get rid of. Being a tenant it’s not worth paying out to change the system. If you ask SP for a smart meter on Economy 7 they might come and install it for you free of charge. Economy 7 is a cheaper and more commonplace system which does not need the remote switching which you have now. The storage heaters charge at night and give out heat in the day but they may run out of heat in the evenings. They are usually charged up from midnight to 7 am.   You can read more comments if you type Comfort in the search bar at the top of the community page. 

posted by Sarahlily | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter
Hi I am on comfort plus and have been trying to move from SP for months as I'm convinced I'm paying over the odds for my electricity I have all electric wet heat system and 1meter giving 3 readings Nobody seems to want to accept me as this meter is relevant to Scottish power

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

@Sarahlily   It is true, Comfort Plus is unique to SP, nobody esle will have you unless you get SP to change your meter system. You can read a lot about Comfort Plus if you search for it in the Community search bar above 

posted by KA26Barman | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

I was in a property with a white meter from 2004 until 2019 completely unable to move off SP's comfort plus tariff. I tried on and off over all those years to get moved but no other company would take it on. It is a 3 rate tariff. Night heating, sockets and a boost (including water heating boosts)/panel heater rate which is at 1.5 x night rate.

I finally instigated a complaint with SP, which is still not resolved, when I found out the economy7 standing charge  was going to be 15p per day cheaper than SP's best available rate (£0.23x vs £0.38x). The night and day rates were also way over the economy7 deals.

I found out only last February (2019) that the problem stems from two electricity supplies coming into the property, not one split into two for different rates. I've been told by SP that since 2016, at the cost of about £50 you can  request a new Economy7 meter be fitted and SP can stop the second supply somehow.  In my opinion it was the leaving of an unused end supply open to abuse, that meant they would not take the white meters out, leaving us high and dry with their pricing models and totally captive. I wish I knew what changed in 2015/16 to force a change. Shame it was not advertised at all.

I'm taking my complaint to OFGEM & MP, for what it's worth,  due to SP 's refusal to see that there has been anything wrong. I feel I have been over-charged for 15 years with no option to do anything about it.

I'd also be interested in a class action against SP, if I can get a PPI type lawyer interested enough. Unless someone knows of something already in existance.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

@KA26Barman   A lot of people have been successful in having Comfort Plus removed, your situation was unusual having a separate metered supply for one of the inputs.  It appears the customer service reps do not all know what is involved in changing from Comfort Plus to Economy 7 and SP should take responsibility for training staff and then removing this expensive system, it can be done, but only SP can do it. 

posted by Sarahlily | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

I would like to thank you for the ad vice that I could insist that SP change my comfort plus meter after 2years of complaining about the high bills I have an engineer booked to change this very expensive meter for an economy7  meter so hopefully an end to outrageous high charges

posted by Michal | 12 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter
@Sarahlily , can you please give us update if you have managed to change your meter at the end ? We have similar situation our here and been faulty billed for 2 years not knowing that SP charge us Control rate when we fully operate on Central gas and no storage heaters are installed anymore. We assume they took them out just before we moved in and they installed new system.

posted by Em_Mounf | 7 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

Hi everyone!

I apologise if you see this message around a lot, but I just want to help and make anyone who's possibly affected aware. As many of you will have read on SP community, people are having serious problems when it comes to dealing with Scottish Power in relation to their Comfort Plus White Meters. One such person has created a Facebook page to consolidate information about complex meters and to help people better understand their meters. The page is called Complex Electricity Meters UK and the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1086059095122267. The page is very new, but the more people who share their knowledge, the more infortation we have. Also, if we have enough members, I hope to collect enough accounts of people's individual experiences with Scottish Power and try to do something about their despicable customer service.


posted by magsmcg | 7 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus White meter

I have been searching for help for my mother who seems to have one of these metres with three readings and is now being asked to pay over £200 a month for her electricity.  She is an old lady and can't afford this type of monthly bill especially when her metre readings come back at only using £79 a month right now.  I have no idea where to turn and I am so worried for her right now.  I have asked to join the FB group in the hope of getting some advice and help for her.