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posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

@Davc Thanks but NO LIKE grrrrrrrr


posted by DeeBee | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

My experience has been largely similar. After a great battle during November & December last year, my Comfort Plus meter was replaced with an Economy 7 one.

Then the problems started. I failed to note that the fitter had recorded the readings on the new meter wrongly -- he put down the total as one of the readings. This threw the "system" and no-one seemed able to fix it. It took several months before I got a correct bill but could still not get a new contract quoted. Eventually I got a quote: their best price was the standard vatiable ! I then tried to move suppliers - more problems ! Had to photo meter for them.

Eventually, 5 months after the meter change and 7 months since trying to change from Comfort plus, I think I have a new supplier. I reckon I have lost about £100 by not being able to change earlier not counting the time spent on everything. They offered £40 compensation or I could go to the ombudsman. I am a bit sorry I accepted.

As a final point, when SP asked for final readings, the meter on the email was the one removed 5 months before; this despite having had 2 bills issued with the correct meter. 2 more phone calls to sort that.

Appalling service.

posted by Grimbo47 | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Hi folks,

I haven't been in touch for a few months but sad to say, I'm not much further forward.  The ombudsman required SP to recalculate my bill to reflect Eon's tariff (that SP incompetently refused to let me switch to) but they insist on recalculating it at their best rate, a Help Beat Cancer tariff.  The  Standard tariff amounted to £993 whilst their lower tariff came to £845 and they will give me a credit for the £148 difference.  However the Eon tariff works out at £696, ie £149 lower still (spookily similar to £148) but SP just ignore my requests for the increased credit, so it's back to the ombudsman.

The ombudsman also required SP to let me switch without objection.  Needless to say, SP have prevented my intended switch because the 2019-20 bill is still outstanding.  Also GNE, to whom I was going to switch (Eon were no longer competitive, even compared to SP!) say that they need to open 2 separate accounts (presumbably with two standing charges ) because I have 2 MPANs (one for general use and one for the control system).

SP advise me that since September 2017 , OFGEM introduced a new licence condition that requires all electricity suppliers to support all types of multi-rate meters.  How can this work if the control element of the meter is linked to SP's Weathercall system, which presumably other suppliers have no access to?

At present the storage heaters are switched off and the control reading isn't moving (despite SP insisting that my water heating is linked to that).  It's my intention to get shot of the night storage heaters asap (because of cost and inefficiency due to age and because I would rather have the heating on whilst I'm awake rather than in the middle of the night).

What I would like to know is that should I get SP to remove the existing control meter and replace it with Econ7 (in Scotland I think it's called White meter1) and remove the MPAN associated with the storage heaters.  (Actually, it  seems to me that there's very little difference in total cost whether I have a single rate meter or a dual rate one).  And then switch.  Or should I try to switch first and then get the meters changed?  I appreciate that with SP's incompetence neither route is likely to be straightforward but my gut feel is that I might have difficulty switching  using  the second option since I have a 3-reading meter which other suppliers don't seem to be able to cope with.

The only other issue remains (as mentioned in previous posts) the sheer size of the electricity bill.  I mentioned in an earlier post that during 2019 I only used this place 2 days a week.  Even if SP's reduced bill of £845 is accurate, that would imply that a full years's bill would be more than £1800 (even allowing for 365-days standing charges notwithstanding my reduced occupance).  I have been in lockdown here since mid March and have kept a close eye on the meter.  I calculate that based on consumption over the past 12 weeks, a full year's bill (including a full year's standing charge and heating on for 6 months of the year) would be about £450.  Immediately prior to lockdown, I was absent from the property for 12 days,  The only appliances consuming power were the fridge freezer and the broadband router, both on 24 hours a day.  I calculated that total consumption in that period would be 3.8kWh yet the meter registered 7kWh during the day and 13kWh at night. (That in itself is bizarre given that the night rate applies for 8.5 hours compared to 15.5 hours  for the day - day consumption should be about double the night consumption rather than the opposite). SP don't even acknowlege my suggestion that there must be something wrong.  Can anyone help?  Is it possible that there has been an intermittent fault with the meter?  I mentioned previously that a rogue MPAN was attached to my property - that might have some bearing.  It's driving me nuts.

Other than that, ...... I received two emails from SP last week, one asking me to pay £762, the other asking for £780  - neither figure I recognise.  Oh, and they sent me a letter addressed to another property - thankfully the postie knows where I live even if SP don't.



posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
@Grimbo47. Sorry to hear about your saga. Our resident expert is @omendata who might comment. It’s a shame SP do not adjust their tariff to make Comfort Plus attractive again. But on the whole you are better off without night storage. Convert to gas or oil if you can, or use efficient modern electrical heating on the best tariff you can find.

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7


Resident expert lol thanks  Davc not sure if that was sarcasm or not!

But yeah I am now sorted after months of arguing with SP the Resolver website did the trick.

No replies from SP customer service after 2 weeks waitingon the latest numbskull issue - 2 days on Resolver and its all sorted - (so they say) but the details on the website now show my account being moved.

My advice is to go here https://www.resolver.co.uk/ for any issues you have , I have already used it with HMRC and saved myself over £7000 - register and put as much info in, pictures , letters and evidence in as you can to support your case - It seems Scottish Power now HAVE to respond to this website due to Martin's influence - well done to him , smart guy and for once a decent bloke not just out for the money.


posted by 69 | 10 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
Like you DeeBee, I have left them and awaiting my Final Bill, which if My Account "amount" is anything to go by, will be
a long job involving the Ombudsman for sure as "above industry standard £25 goodwill payments are NO answer to someone
whose "contactus" customer service is blind to the issues presented and whose account Balance and billing sytems are
broken. Now that I'm left it seems I can log in but not start a new post which for SP is probably just as well!

posted by omendata | 10 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Not necessarily SP just cancelled my last bill after making a pigs ear of the move to my new supplier then making so many mistakes with the last bill it was clear they hadnt a clue how to finisht he final bill so just cancelled it all - The first time I have had good service from SP.



posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

@omendata    Sorry you are leaving, I have done it as well, they got my final bill right but I am still in Leaving Cycle 5 months later. The problems seem to be getting worse. Anyway not our worry anymore. 

posted by omendata | 10 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
Cheers @Davc moved to Bulb and a month in they put their prices up lol
Still at least I won't have to deal with SP anymore Bulb have been really quick getting things sorted.
SP didnt register my new E7 meter on the national register so turns out it stopped me swapping provider - I wonder if they do this on purpose to stop people moving?
Then SP sent the wrong Mpan to Bulb so they started charging me for a defunct meter!
Then SP got the final bill wrong so they just wrote it all off after all the hassle and time i spent trying to get them do the job right!
Nothing with SP works anymore since Iberdrola took over - when I worked there decade or so ago everything was done in house now everything is farmed out to contractors and nothing gets done and the call centres are a sigrace they have even removed all the mid managers and removed all ability to contact management - Ahh the good old days eh something to be said for the 70's lol
Space 1999 and Blakes 7 for one haha

posted by PlanB | 7 months ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Hi ,  after having big problems with SP , my overnight comfort plus meter doesn't seem to run much at night but my day meter does , SP complaints told me to change the timer in my Dimplex heaters so they run at the same time as the meter , I have no idea how to do that or what the times the meter is suppose to be in over night .  Also I have 2 speperate meters and in this thread you all talk about 3 reading ?   I have requested my meter changed to E7 they say they are not doing that at this time due to Covid but they sent an engineer to fix the timer clock that seemily wasn't working.   So I have 2 meters on comfort plus tariff is that correct ?