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Comfort Plus to Economy 7

posted by ruraldev | 3 years ago

Has anyone with storage heaters managed to get SP to replace their Comfort Plus meter with an Economy 7 meter?

I've told the following (which I simply don't understand)

"I have  checked the  records and can confirm that as my colleague has told you in the previous mail, we will require the heating system to be removed in order for the Economy 7 meter to be installed on your property, due to different meter mechanism which cannot be configured on to the Economy 7 meters. This is why we will require the heating system to be uninstalled and removed"

I am looking to change due to the latest tariff on Comfort Plus being very expensive and with a Comfort Plus meter I am stuck with SP and feel that I am being ripped off!


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

I'm not sure but I think comfort plus is unique to SP and involves hardware in your house. It looks as if you are stuck with it unless you change to conventional storage heaters.  Ask SP for their best comfort plus rates, they cannot be much different to E7 rates.

posted by ruraldev | 3 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

I've had a good look at it and the only difference I can see is the meter has a mechanism which allows SP to decide when the heater circuit is live, it feeds it's own consumer unit.

My understanding of an E7 meter is it has 2 outputs, 1 to the main consumer unit and 1 to a consumer unit which is only live during the off peak period.

The only difference I can see is that the heaters will charge for the same 7 hours each night rather than being controlled by SP.

They've put my price up by an average of 50% since 2 years ago and I can get an E7 tariff which is half the price for off peak and 30% less for peak electricity and standing charge, I've got solar panels and more than 85% of my units are off peak so it adds up to a fair sum.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

It sounds like you are well aware of the situation, unfortunately it would be expensive to take out the SP heaters and install your own.

posted by ruraldev | 3 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
The heaters are nothing to do with SP, I replaced them a couple of years ago, the only SP item is the meter, I've asked them for a number to speak to someone about it or for someone to call me as I've got a feeling they don't know what they are talking about!

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

That is good news, SP would probably charge to change the meter but nothing like as much as changing the heaters. 

posted by springjoy | 2 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

I attempted to get Scottish Power to change my 3 rate meter to Economy 7 to enable me to switch supplier but they refused and the involvement of Mhairi Black MP did nothing to change the sutuation.  I then moved supplier to Our Power and my bills were significantly  reduced.  Unfortunately, Our Power ceased trading yesterday and Ofgem will organise an an alternative supplier.  So,  it looks like all the Our Power customers will be forced back to Scottish Power to be ripped off again by their high prices as it is unlikely that another supplier will support our metering arrangement.  Something needs to be done to stop people with Comfort Plus meters being  forced to stay with a company that does not treat its customers with respect and overcharges them at them with ridiculously high tariffs.  It feels like form of discrimination.

posted by ruraldev | 2 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

If it helps any I was told that I could switch to a single rate meter, then switch suppliers and go onto an economy 7 tariff, I haven't done it yet as it means I'll lose heating until I get it all sorted out but I plan on doing it in the summer.

I need to get a look at an economy 7 meter to check that it has 2 outputs, 1 live all the time with a day and night tariff and 1 which is only live at night. If this is correct then I can connect the night only output to my current control consumer unit (Heating and hot water) and the constant feed to my normal consumer unit.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
You should ask an electrician but I think there are two sorts of e7 meter one which switches everything to night rate and one which only switches a separate circuit. If you start changing meters you need to ask for an e7 meter, you said you would get a single rate meter, but that would not be right for you. Unfortunately now there is the added problem that you will be offered a smart meter. Apparently smart plus e7 is technically possible but can easily lead to a single rate situation so be careful.

posted by Glenboy | 2 years ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Same situation.

Comfort Plus White Meter was the best meter for our electric storage heaters until the tariff ended in January and the the prices went up by almost 50% across the board.

22p per unit daytime is ridiculous.

Asked about changing to White Meter (would just lose the 1hour boost to thetheating in the afternoon) and it was as if I was speaking a different language.

Not sure how much training is given to staff regarding electric storage heating because everyone I speak to at Scottish Power seems to know nothing about it and you end up beating your head against a brick wall.

I was also was told I would have to replace the heating system?!

We keep being told to switch supplier to keep on the best deal ( it even says that on the bill from SP) and yet with Comfort Plus you are stuck with SP and they appear to feel they can charge what they like.

Not everyone has access to gas. It is time that OFGEM tried capping what people with electric heating pay!