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posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7


If you have the old 60's huge big white heaters with the two useless controls that no one can ever work out at the right hand end under a little flap lol
Boost and Input are the controls then yes I am afraid they are 4kw+ power suckers.

@Davc Is spot on you would be better doing what I am doing for the last few years - I bought an AIRFORCE 2.2kw oil filled fin radiator over 10 years ago - its still working like new and we have it on 8 hours a day in the cold and with its switching capability and timer etc its uses far less electricity and is far more efficient that the storage heaters - I wouldnt even replace the storage heaters with those new fangled ones from storageheaterdirect or the specialists as I did inquire how much and they cost a bloomin fortune!!!

In fact if you want to make some money the storage bricks i think there are around 30 square ones inside these white meter heaters are rather easy to sell (the neighbour below had gas installed and gave me hers and i sold the bricks for £5 each so made a bit of cash on the 2 heaters she got rid of - I never throw anything out!) and I am currently rebuilding my old 1950's fireplace using them as a hearth and surrounding firebricks to rebuild the old wood burning fireplace that was replaced by previous residents with a hellishly expensive electric one - Who says the good old days weren't - I have even found the old metal back box inside the fireplace that was used to heat the water in the GOOD OLD DAYS so may actually just go full retro and obviate my vented cylinder boiler too haha.

Ps. Dont skimp and buy those small 700-900 watt oil radiators in Home Bargains etc my girlfriend bought one for her workroom and they wouldnt even heat a dolls house they are that bad!

But yeah get E7 meter then phone Bulb, Co-Op Or Octopus Energy and get a quote - however contrary to popular belief Scottish Power are now the cheapest for E7 - Unbelievable eh!




posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Also forgot to mention I have my flat fully SMART as I am an electronics and computer network engineer so can fully recommend buying a few SONOFF POW-R2 £10 each.

I have my hot water vented boiler and many other appliances wired up so i can switch my water heating , tv, lights, central heating etc on when i am on the Bus on the way home from work or from my home in Slovakia to make it look like someone is in my flat when i am not there - they are really indispenable and with the POW-R2 you can also login to the switches on the Sonoff app and they will tell you how much voltage, power, current and totals they are using whatever you have got attached to them - for techies like me and folks who want to control their leccie useage you will find them absolutley indispensable!

Just make sure its the Sonoff POW-R2 you get and not the ordinary Sonoff S20 or POW-R1.


posted by Grimbo47 | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Hi guys,

Thanks for being so helpful. I had a local sparky around yesterday looking at something completely different and he said he used to install Comfort Plus meters for SP and the meter I have isn't one of them! Yet it provides three meter readings!

My brain is hurting!


posted by springjoy | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

None of my issues have been resolved.  My Comfort Plus meter was replaced with an incorrectly installed Economy 7 type setup iver 6 months ago.  My previous posts contain more detail regarding this.  I have not been issued with an accurate bill in all that time as the day and night opening readings were transposed and I am refusing to pay anything until this is sorted.  My final Comfort Plus bill which was paid in full has been erased from my account.  My online account contains 3 accounts when I only have one and now I have received a letter thanking me for remaining with Scottish Power after my home move.  All very strange as I have not moved home.  The liaison officer who visited my property understood all the issues yet no action has been taken.  I emailed the clearly incompetent complaints handler again and have cooied in a manager from the Directir Support Team.  What more can I do?  I am at my wits end,

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Been there myself there is nothing you can do SP are useless

I sorted mine by using RESOLVER and I eventually got through to a management team but that was because my meter had not been fixed for 4+ years, yes 4 + years and free electricity with a broken meter 100+ emails, 50+ phone calls and 7 engineer visits until they got it right diabolical mate it made life very difficult at the time as i was going through an awful personal family tragedy but they could not care less.

You need to resort to subterfuge - put yourself on their special services register for a start - disabled, blind and pensionoer for a start!

Email them telling them you are suicidal or have cancer and are dying and are going to go to Watchdog , Sun newspaper etc ie all the most devious and evil things you can think of it was my last resort and it worked as soon as they heard I was talking to the BBC and the Watchdog TV program!

Sad that you have to resort to these methods dude but if you just keep on with hammering Scottish power with emails and phone calls it goes nowhere they will just keep fobbing off its the Indian call centre they are useless, dont care, more interested in closing your call than doing anything about it and SP have removed a certain amount of management responsibility and have removed all the phone numbers for escalating calls or seeking further redress and have trimmed their middle management.

posted by Em_Mounf | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Hi everyone!

I apologise if you see this message around a lot, but I just want to help and make anyone who's possibly affected aware. As many of you will have read on SP community, people are having serious problems when it comes to dealing with Scottish Power in relation to their Comfort Plus White Meters. One such person has created a Facebook page to consolidate information about complex meters and to help people better understand their meters. The page is called Complex Electricity Meters UK and the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1086059095122267. The page is very new, but the more people who share their knowledge, the more infortation we have. Also, if we have enough members, I hope to collect enough accounts of people's individual experiences with Scottish Power and try to do something about their despicable customer service.


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
@Em_Mounf. It seems to me that the problem with comfort plus is not the 3 meter readings, but that the tariff is so expensive and has not tracked the other offers of fixed tariffs for single rate meters or Economy 7. I would like to hear your opinion. It seems crazy to replace the meter system simply to keep the tariff up to date and competitive.

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

Just a note if you do manage to get your white meters changed over - dont think that will eb the end of your woes its just the beginning!

I had my white meter changed over 6 months ago and have been trying to change to bulb now with the new economy 7 meter they installed but once again Scottish Power have messed it up - first the meter is not on the national electricity register (apparently this is a common problem as the company who install the meters do not bother contacting SP or SP Energy to have the meters registered properly they just leave it to SP Energy to do and they dont) - that took a month to get done, a month cmon but now i find even after being assured by SP customer service that everything is perfect and they guarantee i will have no issues swapping to Bulb - Just tried to swap to bulb again and FAILED again - apparently this time they have put in the old white meter secondary MPAN to the register (I mean how can you possibly get this wrong when i actually sent in the right MPAN number to help them out along with photos of the old meter and new meter and all the SP stickers and labels on the units and photos of the actual leccie cupboard - nothing more i could have done to make it go easily) and now its back to Scottish power for another month of hassle - It really is a joke.

I used to work for Scottish Power in the IT division in Cathcart and i can tell you the migration from Novell Netware which was originally running to the Microsoft systems of Iberdrola were a nightmare - nothing worked and the database changeover was fraught with issues and 15 years later none of it is really working properly even the website is snafu'd - great eh This is what happens when you try to cobble together two incompatible systems with management who havent a clue how to do it!

Scottish Power ARE THE WORST servic provider I have ever had the mispleasure to have to try and get away from they are utterly incompetent in every possible way - the management when i was there were a joke and nothing seems to have changed!

One thing i can tell you is avoid the Scottish Power un-helpline and chat system just go to the MARTIN LEWIS MONEY WEBSITE AND USE "RESOLVA" - The day after i put my query in and a week after my contact with Scottish Power directly they replied so you will get more response and quicker using RESOLVA - Sad but true!


posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Comfort Plus to Economy 7
@omendata. Good comments as always from you. Sorry to hear things still going wrong. Dave