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Comfort plus prices on prepay

posted by Nigel1919 | 7 months ago
Does anyone here think that the rises in price for the comfort plus tariff are extortionate, unfair, unreasonable and immoral?

My kWh rate has increased by 30% for rate 1 and 60% for rate 2 over the past 12 months!

SO from paying about 15p and 9p per kWh I am now paying 17p and 15p. My winter heating is off the scale now.

I can't move because I am indebted due to financial troubles a few years ago.

Although this is within OFGEM's price cap, how can this be deemed a reasonable pricing structure?

I wonder how many people are suffering under this tariff? And if there are enough disgruntled people can we get enough head of steam to name and shame Scottish power for this disgusting behaviour?
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posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: Comfort plus prices on prepay
@Nigel1919. Those costs do seem much too high. Unfortunately the Ofgem price ceiling only applies to the default variable tariffs, so your Comfort Plus tariff is not included.
Many people on here have won the battle to switch away from Comfort Plus and move onto Economy 7 for their storage heaters. Have a look at the discussions.
I assume you have storage heaters, if you don’t then switch away from Comfort Plus as soon as possible. Are you really on prepay? You must be topping up almost every day, I thought Comfort Plus was a credit tariff.