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Complaint tracker not working

posted by Jonnel | 4 years ago

The complaint tracker option on my online account stopped working this year in the middle of the resolution process - I think because Scottish Power kept insisting my complaint was resolved when it wasn't. That complaint neither shows as open, in process or closed now. Chat team have now opened another complaint (against my will - I didn't want to) and that hasn't shown up either.

Any one else had this? Anyone else's complant tracker actually working?


posted by Diverman | 4 years ago
Re: Complaint tracker not working

I have a complaint opend on 5th January 2018, 5 months later they closed it ( no explanation given) I reopend it. Opend a complaint with the Ombudsman, now cannot find complaint tracker on SP site. 

It seems to have disapeard up there flue pipe 

posted by MrTiredout | 4 years ago
Re: Complaint tracker not working
Very similar experience. Am proceeding to Ombudsman. SP have so far closed my complaint 3 times without reference to me and removed it totally from the complaints tracker even though CAB are involved and have told them to keep it open. It's my 100yr old father's house and he died in November. They removed him from the Priority register 3 times for no forseeable reason. I don't think they are allowed to behave like this and I hope the Ombudsman agrees. Do post the outcome of your complaint.

posted by zeb | A year ago
Re: Complaint tracker not working
I have been provide a link today to track my complaint - it’s not working !!!
Not surprising as it reflects the poor customer service I have been receiving

posted by totallypistoff | A year ago
Re: Complaint tracker not working
Why do you NEVER give a straight answer to a question? And why are you happy to see pensioners die rather than pay them their Warm Homes Discount? Why are you all such inconsiderate downright evil people?