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posted by randyfran11 | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I have found not only can you not get in touch by phone easily, but you cannot use the chat line as no one is ever available also to get a tech adviser you have to use email which never seems to get a reply. I am a fairly new customer and unless I can get my problems sorted I will consider if they are breaking there side of the contract.

posted by tali2222-isla | 12 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I do not have any readings on my gas or electric meters, and have not had any since my smart meter was installed
Also I do not have an electricity symbol on my smart meter, only the gas flame. Is this correct?

posted by scotty2124 | 12 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Disgrace isn't the word according to the new doctored figures I used £48 in Jan so why did I pay them £110 when in fact I only used £17.46 I turned off my gas and elec why I was working away for 4 days just to see what bull thay come up with got back this morn, meter readings not changed but according to theses underhanded sharletons I've used £7 Iam leave them and if thay put a block on it that's fine I'll not pay them another penny don't care wot thay do or who they send be careful peaple do ur check there ripping you all off I've gone thu all mine and OMG IAM DOING SOMETHING ABOUT It without saying to much but I carnt rest if someone robs you in the street thay get arrested seems energy supplyers cam do wot thay like ang get away with it (or so thay think

posted by salsadler | 11 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Wow. You are lucky. I have tried contacting them twice. The first 'day' it too over 6 hours. I had no choice as the company I was with had gone bust and I was unaware. So I went to put in a meter reading only to be told I was now with Scottish power. Great news was I was shifted to the variable tariff. So right over Christmas the most expensive time of year I'm on variable and not the fixed rate I thought would end in March. My dd discount wasnt working either because it didn't transfer with the account. So there I am with over 200 quid to pay and having to take a day off work to set up the account. I was cut off, hung up on, lost in the either and basically left on hold. When I did get set uo and complained I was told it was all my fault and bad luck. So I reported on trust pilot and suddenly got a response and soon after told they would sort out the huge bill, except they haven't, so I'm back on hold. I have already been lost and call terminated twice. Now I have been waiting 2 hours. Still not answered and I'm actually sick of the music. I thought I'd look to see if I was the only one. Turns out not!. I am sick of this. I mean really sick. I can't afford what's happened to me at all.

posted by steve-kenz | 11 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Hi, looking for some advice, as a landlord of several properties that have pay as you go meters. Im regularly on phone for hours trying to inform you a tennant has left, trying to arrange an engineer to wipe debt on meter, or to let you know that a new tennat has moved in & you should stop billing me. Regularly when i do get through the issue isnt resolved as the person i speak to on the phone seems often confused regarding the landlord/tennat aspect. Is there an easier way, am email address maybe?

Kind Regards


posted by Reavley | 11 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Judging by the. Age of some f the previous posts it seems that Scottish power have not listened to their customers. No matter what time of day you call or how often all you get is the bog standard we are receiving high call volumes etc. your call will be answered shortly except it isn't answered at all.

The online chat service is invariably not available and the call back service is simply an automated message and then cuts off.. If you email you may if you are lucky get a response within a week. I say response not an answer to the query I raised. All I got last time was an apology for the delay in reply.

They are quick enough to contact you when they want to increase your payments or if you cancel your direct debit out of sheer frustration.  No high call volumes then. Surprise surprise.

posted by ugonyonyo | 5 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Very true I will soon change my supplier !However beware of scammers trying to get your bank details. This number nearly caught me by pretending to be SottishPower 0203666278 also 08000270072.

posted by ugonyonyo | 5 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I have twice tried their email but I get a message telling me that there is problem with the recipient.

posted by FDe | 4 months ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

At time of messaging, I have been on hold  for around 95 minutes. I urgently need to speak to someone as I am attempting to discontinue my daughter's Scottish Power account. She is ill, currently hospitalised, and unable to live independently for a while. Two weeks ago, I did, finally, manage to speak to someone at Scottish Power who advised that I needed to read the meter shortly before her final lease day. I did this today. I began this call around 5.30pm. I note that 'opening hours' are until 7pm. It is now 6.54pm. The automated message, telling me I was in a queue and would be dealt with shortly, ceased a long time ago, leaving only interminable, repetetive music. I guess I will have to try tomorrow.... 


posted by McIlveens | A month ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

I have tried and better tried to give Scottish Power a meter reading.  What a muck about I have had.  Scottish Power ask me by e mail to give a meter reading, o.k. easy.  Not on your life.  First register on their website a chore in its self.  Then no facility to enter said meter reading.  Spent FOUR HOURS ON THE PHONE trying to talk to (Lack of) Customer Services only to get a lot of diatribe on loging in to website or download Scottish Power APP.  Finally get (Lack of) Customer Services to ring me back after a further THREE HOURS to get someone from a foreign country whom I can not understand a word they are speaking only again told to logon to Scottish Power website.  To say I am angry is an understatement.  This lot would try the patients of a saint.  F.F.S. can Scottish Power not just have a simple way of enetering a metyer reading or simply state:  Phone us and we will do our best to mess you about?