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posted by gerrysheba | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
had a smart meter installed wish I didn't cannot get any reading nor can Scottish powerand I have given up ringing them they are useless I am swithing

posted by AmandaH | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Try solving your internal problems with billing people and TAKING money from there account 16042280840 to pay for someone elses 71 490541011 at same address because i am in credit and nost recent payer - **bleep**S

Got the following response to complaint in email which was SHUT down as soon as Srimoyee Das responded, a customer service respenstative fron Scottish power, here goes =

Dear Ms Huckvale,

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding your energy account 16042280840.

My name is Srimoyee and I work in the specialist (specialist as in early learning centre ?, when you grow up your dream is to be a REAL customer service person) team (Ow am i suppose to think my complaint is being dealt with by a professional?, when its clearly gone to an indian telephone/email service). As advised your request has been passed to my team for us to resolve. (Yes someone TOLD you answer email complaints and f-them off straight away, before they can respond back) Firstly(and lastly) I would like to apologize for the delay in completing your initial request.

Having checked our records I can see you had contract with us for the period 08 January 2014 to 24 April 2014 (nope i didnt, basic mistake accounts different numbers same adress, if i did the account would be 16042280840 in CREDIT same name and adress) and 06 February 2017 to 11 September 2018. (yes this is my dates and account am in CREDIT) As you had debit balance on the previous account 71 490541011which was for the period 08 January 2014 to 24 April 2014 and we had not received that payment so we transfered (Stole money from yoru account in CREDIT to pay 71 490541011, because we had no idea who else we could bill, and you were such an easy target) your outstanding balance (there) to the new account 16042280840. After traansfering (the word is transferring, although lets face it its outright THEFT, maybe thats the spelling mistake a slight bit of conscious or a stupid indian call centre, ill place my entire credit on a bet on Indian call centre call me cynical) the balance your account balance is £98.65 in debit. (no you owe me, you CAN NOT take money from my electric account closed in Sept 2018, to cover the outstanding balance of someone elses account in 2014, i have sent you LEGAL documents stating i did not have legal control or any authority over the premises during the period stated that is owed)

Need more help? (you bet i do)There are a number of quicker and easier ways to get in touch – online, chat or phone. (easier than emailing facts and legal documents that will be ignored, yep just chat on the phone and winge about it, as we got your Money and your complaint is automaticaly closed just because we replied) Visit https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/getintouch or download our energy app, search ‘ScottishPower (yes search your pockets as your money is well and truly allocated and spent on us)– your energy’ via the iOS App or Android Google Play Store (no i want HELP, not GOOGLE PLAY are you kidding me? i want my money in credit BACK, not candy crush on google play)

Kind regards (Can i have my over payments of £150 back please srimoyee, or am i asking to much here ?)
Srimoyee Das
Customer Services Representative (whats that ?, are you not even a customer service person, just representative, and we can tell you are...........a representative of a customer service OMG, ho wlow are we)
ScottishPower (grab your company's computers/telephones and run away from this rubbish QUICKLY befor ethey HACK you an dtak ethe company down for good)

posted by William33 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
How do I send an email with proof of my benefit ? Where is the email address?

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Hi William, you need a computer or smart phone. The email address is contactus@scottishpower.com  If you have no access to the internet tell SP on the phone.

posted by davidbon | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Its shocking Scottish Power never answer the phone, the queue is insulting that you think so little of your customers. I requested a call back and that never happened. 

why is it all large organisation treat their customers so badly. Less money for shareholders and directoters and emply more staff, its that simple. 

Dont promise to call back when you dont, its a breach of trust. I am a new customer, and very unimpressed. I have made a formal complaint by email which will form part of my Ofgen complaint. 

I am only trying to contact you because of an incorrect bill where you have used an incorrect gas reading (yes, correct one was supplied)






posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Sorry David, we cannot call you in the Community, tell SP directly by phone.

posted by Traceyd2 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Have been on 50 mins and still waiting someone to answer
Terrible customer service the one thing Scottish power is consistent with.

posted by William33 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I had an awful time, first trying to send an email and secondly, trying to get through on the phone, it took me almost an hour and was very annoying. When I did eventually get through though, the guy couldn't have been any nicer.

posted by PWragg83 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I have received 3 missed calls. I am unable to answer as it's always been during my work hours. No message left, so have no idea why I am recieving the calls. I have tried calling back during my lunch hour and after 15 minutes in a call queue decided to give up. A customer having to wait any longer than 3 minutes for a large company such as Scottish Power is ridiculous. I am still none the wiser as to why they are trying to contact me. I have tried calling after work to an automated message saying they are unable to take calls right now. Very poor service.

posted by William33 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I could not get through, could not find out how to scan a document and so ended up posting it.