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posted by rwhite | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

And an update. I have launched a formal complaint to get the botton of this "lowest cost Tariff" that seems to be more expensive than the others. In parallel I have contacted Scottish Power and aksed that I be moved from the extremely expesive (lowest cost honset geezer) tariff to the actual lowest cost tariff to which they have advised over the phone that this is NOT a tariff is available to me. When I ask why they cannot answer, it is merely that it does not show up as an option in their system. I have now asked that someone does this in a more manual fashion and they are going to try to do this and call me back in 5 days with a resolution. So........................... my advice is that when SP tell you this is the lowest cost tariff what they are actually saying is that this is the lowest tariff that I am allowed to sell you today (that is not being honest). So if your deal is worst than this (Super saver Apr2019 - Stand Charge £19.19p / Gas Unit 2.737p / Elec Unit 12.194p) which it is most likley going to be then I suggest you do the same as me. Call them, tell them you know about it, tell them that it may not be on their systems but you WANT it and ask them to please go and sort it manually if it does not appear on their system as a pick list.

SP - if you think you can charge me 20% more and tell me its the cheapest you have then you are likley to get caught out. Stop BS-ing your long customers and have some respect. You are not running a second hand car lot ya know.

posted by matt | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
It is impossible to get through to you on the phone and its not possible to book a call back either ? Is this so you don't have to take calls and lose customers ?? I've been with you for years and will be leaving as what's the point paying you for a complete lack of service.

posted by Char | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I have been trying to resolve two accounts at the same address since June, only to find out they have closed my account and not the "Occupier of the house" account.
I rang two weeks ago to try to get it sorted again as I checked my bank and the payments have not been going out.

The phone was put down on me twice when I asked to speak to a supervisor who would be able to understand that one house has two accounts.
In the first phone call they said the "occupier" account would be closed, what do I do now that phoning them doesn't resolve the issue.

posted by jf | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
even if you get a booked call back- they never actual do. you just have to wait for a call ( I've been waiting since September) and never choose them as a supplier again.

posted by Beethoven5 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Cannot contact Scottish Power.  Waited 23 minutes on the phone being told someone would be with me "shortly". Had to give up so I didn't miss an appointment.  Tried to book a return call via their website (Why does Scottish Power not allow usto email them anymore). No times available. Booked one for 11:45 the following day.  Waited in all morning but S P. did not call. They seem to be showing a level of customer care that borders on contempt.

All of this before I could even begin to address my query about a faulty meter!! Still unresolved.

Will now begin looking for other suppliers who are more willing to talk to their customers.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

I know, they have redesigned the Contacts page and forgotten to include the email address which is


posted by wren77 | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
absolutely rubbish cant get hold of them i have no power and cant get hold of them

posted by daisy | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

Couldn't  agree more with the comments I have read. Scottish Power are absolutely pitifully hopeless. They cant read a meter, I get five diffrent people sending me emails in complerte isolatrion from each other all of whom have no idea what they are talking about. Over to "Go VCompare" I think .  And try getting a refund......you must be joking!

posted by BRIANA | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I am of the opinion that Scottish Power, once you have signed on the dotted line, just ignore you. It is almost impossible to get a LOCAL phone number - the numbers offered ring in some call centre in India and I think we all know how difficult it is to get any sense out of a remote office!

posted by gerrysheba | 3 years ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
I have been trying to get in touch with Scottish power for over a month keep saying they will ring me back but don't yesterday promised to get back to me within 1 hour
as usual they have not I would not advise anyone to join Scottish power their customer service is terrible and this is from someone on their priority services register