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posted by EddietheHawk | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Tell you what - nothing gets Scottish Power to contact you unless it's criticsm. I have read through all the comments - how sad is that? But, truth be told, it's all rather shabby the way the majority of these people have been treated. No more personal direct contact merely because it's cheaper top hire (and no disrespect to these fine gentlemen and ladies) people to front up their awful service and take the unfair abuse from the general public. I do have sympathy for these call centre people who must be so stressed at the end of a shift because all they are allowed to relay to any disgruntled complainant or someone requesting contact info is the bog-standard info on file supplied by Scottish Power. Ever tried getting an email address or a direct phone number - no way! You are given a number and lump it, you hang in there for an hour and eventually just give up. All the person who sits and sifts through these submissions does is refer you to the website and/or a call centre number and there you go again ..... whilst the 'big bosses' are sitting pretty the frontline folk suffer. Wake up guys - you're going to lose a whole lot more customers and the fat-cats at the top will award themselves a fat bonus for a job 'well done'. Scottish Power - oh yes, loads of power over the small guy! Cheers guys - looking around for a muc h better offer. By the way, the phone number is 0800 027 0072. It is free to call but does get very busy. It does not work on Sundays. In fact, it doesn't work at all! Rant over - back to lighting my candle, stoking the fire and relaxing Scottish Power free.

posted by Bigstep66 | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Can someone help I have had a letter looking for a one off payment which I can't afford and now I don't know what to do I'm,disabled 305Caledonia road flat 19D gt270662@gmail.com can't get through to phone lines,because of civic 19

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

@Bigstep66   Ignore the letter, they are sent out automatically and SP are not chasing payments because of the Virus.  You can read about the emergency here


posted by Gards1874 | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

I am trying this thread as all my other options don't seem to be working.

We have no gas supply.  There is a problem with the previously installed smart meter.  An engineer who was looking at our boiler confirmed a problem with the meter.  He was able to reset it over the weekend but now it won't reset at all - so no gas supply.

I have tried all these numbers:-

08000270072 (SP main number).  For emergencies, they direct you to transco

0800111999 (transco).  They advise they cannot assist and needs to be scottish power.

08001114686 (SP boiler care).  Number advised by Transco but they cannot assist.  They gave me emergency power number.

08000929290 (SP emergency power).  Only refers to electricity.

01416525550.  (SP number I was advised on Friday with original fault).  No longer accepting calls.

I have also emailed the customer service email address.  But as of this time I have no gas supply and no numbers which will function or will help.

Can someone from SP who reads these please advise?


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

@Gards1874    SP are responding to power/gas loss on their customer services number 0800 027 0072. 


posted by TrevElmond | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
  • A/c no 1608 4968 256
  • It has now proven practically impossible to contact you via your standard customer helpline and the call back service is wholly inadequate, so I am hoping you will now take note of the following message:
  • Your payment reminder dated 21st May 2020 has arrived; please note the following information:
  • My payments for dual fuel account are now being met to the agreed monthly amount of £91.00 by means of at least two payments per month either side of the due date 15th of each month.
  • To date the following will apply: 
  • April 2020   Online payment 16th   £46.00
  • April 2020  Online payment 21st    £45.00
  • May 2020   Online payment 04th   £45.50
  • May 2020   Online payment 16th   £45.50
  • You are invited to contact me on 07766 004830 regarding further queries or difficulties you might experience.
  • Your urgent attention is now sought, as I will no longer be attempting to contact you by any other method until you have improved your contact service.
  • Thank you
  • Stephen M Perry

posted by whiteowl | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

@TrevElmond  Sorry, but u will be waiting a long time for SP to answer you on this forum . We are only customers like you. You will have to try to keep contacting  them over the phone or email. Good luck 


posted by Dani | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power- Cancelling
Hi All
I am moving home and need to cancel my Gas and Electric accounts, how do i do this, im not in a cooling off period, that seems to be the only option for cancelling on the help apps???

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power

@Dani   Send an email to


posted by Dani | A year ago
Re: Contacting Scottish Power
Thank you