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Cooling Off Period

posted by Jonboy | A year ago

Hi, I agreed a contract a couple of days ago with Scottish Power and on getting the paperwork I can see it's far too expensive. Its mentions a 14 day cooling off period and says the form is on the web site. That's not very helpful, where on the web site and why not provide a link in the e mail? Can anyone advise where the cancellation form is please?


posted by  Gordon | A year ago
Re: Cooling Off Period
Hi @Jonboy, sorry that you want to leave 🙁 The cancellation form can be found here https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/cancellations.process?execution=e1s1 Hope to see you back on the Community in the future if the prices are better for you.

posted by nmjbvghj | 11 months ago
Re: Cooling Off Period

That link do not work.  Suport quality make me to cancell contract, and I can I have 14 days.