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posted by Hooloovoo | A year ago
Re: Credit plummeting after meter readings.
For heavens sake people, submit your **bleep** monthly meter readings!!!!!!

I'm so sick of reading on this forum complains from people that are entirely of their own making.

posted by Damocleas | A year ago
Re: Credit plummeting after meter readings.
The have the photos and have seen them and their reply was maybe the meter had gone over the top and started again? It's been bounced upstairs for management to try and sort out, i've insisted they send someone out to check. Meter was new 10 years ago and i work away during the week quite a lot, Ive hardly used any gas but its **bleep** hard convincing them.

posted by lexyboy | A year ago
Re: Credit plummeting after meter readings.

I have had abysmal service from scottish power.......Customer service abysmal. was communicating with one of your colleagues for 23 minutes only to be asked if I would like a callback to continue the discussion and the call then being dropped.
being told on the phone that I might be better off with a dual fuel deal and next day another person saying yjat the previous colleague was mis directing me and that this would not be possible to do.
beinf sent a letter to change to a suggested tarriff with an annual saving of up to £80. only to be told on the phone that this had been a mistake.
being informed online to do the tarriff change online, only to continually be unable to access chat on thier website