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posted by Mrman | 4 months ago

How long does it take for the balance on the app to update? I can see my monthly payment to ScottishPower has come out of my bank account but it's not yet reflected on the app?


Top answer

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Credit

Hello Mrman. The Apps have gone wrong recently, normally it takes a few working days to update. You may have more luck with your online inernet account.

posted by Mrman | 4 months ago
Re: Credit

Thanks Davc. It is indeed now showing up. 😊

posted by lmcdaid | 4 weeks ago
Re: Credit

i changed my tarriff in may to get £20 credit due on 10.09.19 on my account  at the invitation of scottish power by email - its not appeared on my account as yet. Anyone else have the same issue ?