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posted by Gilby | 10 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
Been trying to sort out the mess that is my mothers supplier change to SP. Two months and they still can't accept that what the meter says is what she has used. As soon as we get somewhere we're off.
I always laugh when I see the "refer a friend" button on the ap. As if ?

posted by Gillyallan | 10 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
Yeah you wouldn't be much of a friend recpmmending SP. I've actually been with SP since the year 2000 and it's only really this year I've had bother.
Well, there was the year they replaced my smart meters with erm smart meters I suppose....
I had got a letter to say to make an appointment to have smart meters fitted. I phoned them to say I had smart meters, fitted by them a couple years earlier.
Not us they said, we've only just started using smart meters. I said I think you'll find it was you, they asked if I could describe them. I want out to meters and said would the stickers on each that say supplied by Scottish Power be enough?
They just said they'd change them anyway as didn't know what that was about.

My own guess was I was on some trial of 1st series that they forgot about.

posted by iiii | 9 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
You are not as grumpy as I am

posted by Seasider | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
What customer service.... Not sure SP knows what good service is..... Had to change to SP in Dec 2020 like many others against choice after Yorkshire Energy closed.... No one seems to know what's happening with the account when you ring and wait for ages for someone to answer and then when you get into the questions the call taker doesn't know the answer but wastes time by deferring you for a week or so must be a standard response
'' it'll be sorted by.... Date so and so if not ring back.... '' Will move on as soon as I can get any answer to my questions and correct invoice... Complain to offgem ASAP as offgem created the problem in the first place....should have let the customer decide where to go....

posted by carl_waring | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?

If you are not in contract with SP (ie your fixed-rate tariff has not been transferred) then you are free to change supplier whenever you like,

Personally I have never had an issue with SP CS. (But then I've always been with them and not in your situation.)

posted by rehanyousaf | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
I contacted them today related to smart meter issue and support was appalling. Basically, they have this COVID lockdown excuse and refuse to serve customers. I am so disgusted that I will be moving soon.

posted by dwb085 | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
It is so bad that I have moved from them. I transferred my electricity and had my property disconnected from the gas supply.
I have not used any gas since 17 August 2020 when my gas appliances were removed and the gas meter isolated. Cadent disconnected the property from the gas supply in October and on 2 November SP retrieved their meter from me. Now they are harassing me daily for payment for gas I'm not using and still hold some of my money. I have complained (many times), escalated the complaint and escalated again to the financial ombudsman. I've written a recorded letter (which they have signed for). They never reply to anything (email, web complaint, letter) and don't come back with resolutions promised when I phone them. All I get is further harassment to pay for gas I don't have or use. How on earth do I get their attention to close my gas account? I am totally at my wits end.

posted by scotty2124 | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
I have the same why are these bunch of **bleep**s still trading can no one see wot there doing

posted by carl_waring | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
Excuse? Seriously? 🤔🙄🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

posted by carl_waring | 5 months ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
And "wot" [sic] are they doing, exactly? As people are more likely to complain than praise, I think it's safe to assume most people are happy with them. Sorry you're not, though.