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posted by Alihodaei | A year ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
Hi, I am Ali and I am very upset and angry with this kind of tariff that you have given me, because for one month I have to pay the amount that I do not know how you calculated correctly. And your esteemed colleague talked to me before the contract and explained to me many of the benefits of this contract, but in reality, unfortunately, this is not the case. Now look at the electric bill you sent me and judge for yourself. Is this a fair verse? My bill is more than the tariff, why?

posted by Alihodaei | A year ago
Re: Customer service prolems?
I'm sorry about this kind of customer relationship and the way the company communicates is really bad and I have to think about switching to another company ‌

posted by dwb085 | A year ago
Re: Customer service prolems?

Three months ago I posted a short note about the shocking service from Scottish Power. In brief:

In July 2020 I requested gas disconnection and removal of my meter having switched to a heat pump. I arranged for Cadent to disconnect my propertly from the gas main.

After struggling with them for months they finally removed my meter on 2 November 2020, I agreed a settlement with a Director Office agent to terminate my account. They promptly took more money from me and continued to harass me for payments for gas. They even sent a meter reader around and I showed proof of the disconnection done by cadent and removal of my meter by Scottish Power. The promises of this Director office agent were not carried out.

So I escalated to the Ombudsman, who ruled in my favour on all counts. Scottish Power agreed the settlement proposed by the Ombudsman and one would think that was that.

No such luck: they simply opened another account (different account number) for my property, without my knowledge or permission, and continue to harass me for payments for gas - a service I don't have, and indeed my property is not even connected to the gas main.

If anyone is reading this and considering a switch to Scottish Power - don't do it. If you are fed up and considering leaving them - don't hesitate, leave immediately, the sooner the better. The level of incompetance they have shown in dealing with my case surpasses anything I have experienced before.

You are warned.