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DD Payments - new customer

posted by Jimbo1 | 2 months ago

Hi, already having chills about moving to SP! Officially became a customer yesterday. Today, they took first payment (£215). (Sales Rep had said we'd probably be changed over early Oct and they'd take 1st payment in Nov.) Today website says our DD amount is £430, which is majorly alarming!! Further progress into DD payments shows it as being the "correct amount, i.e., the £215 and due to be paid on the 15th.

First question, are payments made in advance of usage?

Secondly, why the confusing, contradictory info?? i.e., am I also likely to get hit by further DD payment on 15th of this month??

Not a good start as far as I'm concenred and it could get worse!

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posted by DavC1 | 2 months ago
Re: DD Payments - new customer

@Jimbo1   Some suppliers take the first DD straightaway, and then they will not take another one until the month following, in your case 15 November.  I suppose this is SP policy now.   Good luck.