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posted by debbiewar | 9 months ago

Utterly disgusted.  Have had an ongoing issue for over 2 weeks

direct debit £277 monthly queried put up.£300 followed by 6 emails £768.00???

When i have gone through bills i was supposed to be on July online fixed 2019  I have for some reasons started receiving two bills one gas one elec when supposed to be dual fuel.  Then on one elec bill 3 different tariff charges and taken on July 2019 tariff.  Apology our error no understanding why this has happened.  So  state will reissue bills with correct charges.  So they then issue another 5 bills including some duplicate.  Supposed to get a call back within 5 days...didnt happen.  Then when i call back its not been raised as a complaint so have to formally raise it as a complaint.  They will get back office to call me back within 2 days????  Receive a text mess to call them.  After waiting 32 minutes for them to answer the calls im frustrated start explaining  everything and get the phone put down on me.  Disgusted and still no resolution 3wks later.  Think ill be going to Octopus

Debbie Warner

Livid and disgusted