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posted by caragreenan | A month ago

Im a new home owner and first time setting up my gas and electric so might seem a silly question.

Tried to get in touch with SP but nothing yet so asking on here.

I gave meter readings on the 12th dec and on the 13th Jan , but after i entered them i have £75 debit now, even though i have a direct debit in place and a fixed tarriff. 

does this mean that i owe that to them? im thnking i might have entered my meter readings wrong because i havent been in my house much to have the amount.



Top answer

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Debit

@caragreenan   Yes debit means you owe SP the money. However if this is from the my Energy App it might be a wrong number, the online account is better. Also it is possible to have a debit build up in winter if the DD amount has been set too low, but £75 is a lot. It could also be your meter inputs were wrong, you only report numbers before the decimal place and pad out the number with leading zeros to fit the box. So in a 5 space box a reading of 1234.56 would be reported as 01234.  Also check you are reading the gas in cubic metres, never kWh.



posted by caragreenan | A month ago
Re: Debit
I will do it from the online account next time. Thanks for that, will double check all my meter readings.

posted by JenS | 3 weeks ago
Re: Debit

I know this is going to sound very negative but my experiences with All providers is that they want you to get into debit and their estimation on what your bill will be at quote time is always light. Don't just accept what they tell you your direct debit should be, sit down with a calculator and do the math yourself monthly or bi monthly and watch out for them automatically lowering it once every three months. They will drop it too low again you will need to nudge it back up. With all companies for all time.
But as already mentioned the amount you need to pay will be lower than the plus £25 to plus £30 once spring arrives and you have summer to build up some credit, though again be watchful for them dropping it too low to keep you locked in with them. 

posted by Jonnel | 3 weeks ago
Re: Debit
@JenS Good advice. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking once an account is set up with a supplier and a DD is set up with a bank, everything's going to be hunkydory forever. As you say, it just ain't so - customers MUST actively manage their accounts.

As well as your experience a lot of people find their DD hugely increased against their wishes or needs. I've seen people post on here with credit balances over £700, unable to get some refunded.

I myself once had SP insist on a one-off payment of £275 for the priviledge of lowering my monthly DD by just £5. It would have taken me 5 years to see the benefit of my requested £5 reduction...

posted by caragreenan | 2 weeks ago
Re: Debit
@Jonnel @JenS thanks for you advice, i will definitely take what yous have said on board. I got in touch with them and they took the debit off. But i was in the mind set it would be my DD payment only lol but that was me being naive. Thanks for replying Smiley Happy

posted by Patience | A week ago
Re: Debit

I'm just so sick of this company. They have insufficient staff to answer the phone and say they will ring back after a lengthy time, and don't, in my experience. It has taken me half an hour to get into My Account because the website is so slow and convoluted.  Now it appears to have shut me out of the one account I have closed today so I can't print off a final record - and the offer of a paper copy to be sent to me didn't work either. The second account I have with them they seem to have got lost and as the cottage is unoccupied I want to know if they are estimating a charge because I want to withdraw that account too. I got two "bills?" by email sent out on the same day, one for £29 and one for £5 and no explanation.

What an irritating load of hassle ! I would caution anyone against signing up to Scottish Power.