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Derect debit/smartmeter

posted by whiteowl | 5 months ago

Will i still be able to manage my DD if i am not inputting my meter reads myself as i will have a smartmeter. I usually read my meter every month.  

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posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Derect debit/smartmeter
@whiteowl. Good question. If the meter works correctly it will send readings daily or half hourly and you may be blocked from manual readings. I am not sure. Billing then takes place quarterly and I suppose that is when the DD is recalculated. If the automatic readings stop for some reason then I suppose you can put in manual readings. It will be a new way of managing your account. I send monthly readings as well as you so let us know what happens. Maybe the manual readings are still possible and will still generate monthly bills.