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Direct Debit Manager

posted by whiteowl | 12 months ago

Will  the dd manager stop putting up my DD another £25 and charging £112 plus for the privilege.I am already£70 in credit and my bill is only£59.00 this month.I am quite savy enough to match my DD with my energy use. Yes i  know winter is coming and they do not want me to be in debt, BUT it is only september for goodness sake and i will match my DD for my winter bills when they go up. I want my money in my bank not SP.  Stop messing about with this and go back to the old one that  i have been using for a number of year's. Every year at my review i have been spot on with a balance of zero.   Are SP anoyed at this fact. 


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posted by Jonnel | 12 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager
The simple answer is yes, they are. I don't know if this is the same for you but the Direct Debit Manager on my online account has just been changed back to the program it used to be - the one that DOESN'T insist on huge one-off payments when you want to lower your direct debit. You may have see my community post of a few weeks ago, but the DD Manager program SP introduced a short while back asked for ridiculous one-off payments, like £475 to reduce your DD by £25. Like you, I manage my DD monthly when I enter my meter readings and today I see SP have changed that DD Manager back to their old one. I reduced my DD by £7 - the maximum reduction it would allow for NO one-off payment. The temporary system SP installed wanted £200 to reduce my DD by 81pence !! I suppose it's a move in the right direction...

posted by whiteowl | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager

Yes gone back after i went on chat and vented,  mine has now  gone back. I was able to  put it back to an exceptle DD for me. I did not have to pay extra this time. Chat put in a ref complaint number for me and hey presto it went back. They said they could not manually change it for me and i said that was bull as they had done it for me a couple of months ago as i said on the forum. Hope the winter is good to us this year.

posted by Ken1 | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager


I am trying to set up a direct debit on my account but everytime i go into change my tariff to change payment type it doesnt show anywhere where i can set it up?

Am i missing something? I have tried calling SP but was in a queue for over 20 minutes.

Any help would be appreciated.


posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager

I think you should look in Account Details, not Change my tariff. If you still can't find it you must ring 0800 027 0072.

posted by Jonnel | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager
Ken1 - I would think seriously before entering into a direct debit arrangement with Scottish Power. If you read some of the comments on here relating to how often and by how much they increase your DD without your say-so and how difficult it is to get it reduced again, you may change your mind.
My problem with SP's managing of my DD (and from what I see, most other people's who've had issues) is that SP say they work on a customers' ANNUAL cost and basically set the monthly DD as a twelfth of that total cost, expecting customers to pay the same DD amount each month of the year so that over 12 months, the usage evens out and is covered in full.
The problem is that in reality, if meter readings show you are at all OVER the estimated usage, SP will increase your DD amount, but if you are UNDER the estimated usage, they tend not to reduce it until the year end. This can mean you build up a high credit balance with them.
For me, this meant this hot year when my energy bill was less than £35 a month, SP STILL wanted me to pay over £100 each month, meaning my credit balance over summer would have just grown and grown, just like a couple years ago when they had hundreds of pounds of my money in THEIR bank account...To be fair they refunded a large portion of it (not all) but trying to get that £100 DD reduced was more than 'difficult.'
There are issues with the automated online Direct Debit Manager too...

Having said that, I get a small refund each time my bill is paid from my credit balance - though I'm not certain it makes up for interest lost from the balance not being in my own bank account... (yes, the discount IS that small)... and I DO have the benefit of a fixed price tariff for a certain period...

So... If I were you and couldn't get through on the phone I would go on the webchat and tell them you want to set up a DD (if you want to). They may then offer you from a choice of fixed term tariffs where DD is mandatory. There may be penalty charges if you want out early though...
I'm not aware if SP will accept bill payment by Standing Order... that's something I'm looking into. The difference between SO and DD being, of course, that the payer has total control over the value of SOs. whereas DDs can be altered by payers AND payees.

Good Luck.

posted by wgm | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager

Does anyone work here? Spend to long on waiting on the phone and as for your app that there is no reply there. What is going on ? Just need something sorting out as a new custmore and yet this was I get nothing

posted by AndyG9 | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager
I have the same problem - DD increased because I was in debit for a couple of months. Now I'm back in credit and despite the online system telling me I will be several hundred in credit by August next year, they want to charge me for reducing my DD - ridiculous. Needless to say, I won't be renewing with this provider.

posted by NotRICH | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager
I am so FUMING that I could swear. Every single time I provide a meter reading, Scottish Power put my Direct Debit up, despite my usage going down and there being plenty of credit in my account. NOW today they have put my DD up by yet another £10 - which I already can't afford - and when I tried to alter it, I'm presented with the ONLY option of giving them another £200 for a "one-off payment" just for the privilege of reducing my DD.

Somebody please tell me WHERE to change this before I totally EXPLODE, because I can assure you if I speak to somebody on the phone right now (fat chance) I will give them a piece of my mind that they will never forget. How DARE they do this??? I am a pensioner trying to keep within my budget and I don't appreciate these rip-off charges with me having NO say in how I arrange my account. Also, please tell me which electricity providers I can move to without being screwed every month, PLEASE.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Direct Debit Manager

I hope you feel better now, the DD is to cover your use from now till mid-2019, and a £10 adjustment is not the end of the world. Fuel is a lot more expensive than last year, and you are doing the correct thing in giving regular meter readings. It is not worth paying the upfront cost in order to make a small change in the DD, you just have to accept that is the cost of life these days.