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Direct debit and customer service

posted by craftyarts | A year ago

I have been with SP for nearly a year now and they have not managed to set up my direct debit! Sending me emails saying the bank has refused to pay the direct debit! However the bank have told me SP have NEVER applied for the direct debit ! I have memory problems and a whole host of other disabilities and this has been so stressful. I have constantly telephoned  customer services and supplied my details numerous times several times a month ! They still have not set this up so now I am in debt because they have not taken their payments! I have a complaint in place but even they never telephone when they agree to ! The whole process has been extremely stressful! I even asked for a smart metre ...,as it is in a awkward place and it is not safe for me to take these readings ! However from day one it has Xs never registered the gas,readings and the electric has been sky high and registered £25 a day ! That was with everything I unplugged and switched off!  I would love to change energy provider however having a debt with SP I am stuck with them and 


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Direct debit and customer service

@craftyarts   Sorry to hear that, the DD may be a wrong digit in the sort code or account number, it is easily done.  Ask SP to read back to you what details they are using for your bank account.

The smart meter Display will show  a gas reading in m3, and an electric reading in kWh. You can ignore the £ values that the display shows, it is a bad calculation locally in the display and it is not your bill.  If the gas meter is not registering take a reading from the meter itself by pressing its buttons. If that is difficult for you ask a friend or neighbour to do it.

Check with SP that they are receiving the smart meter readings, and if they are not you will have to telephone in a reading from your Display or from the meter.

Sorry this is all such a nuisance but smart meters do give problems sometimes. Don't ignore everything and hope it will be alright, you need to know how much your fuel is costing before we go into the winter months.  Good Luck.

posted by Blades54 | A year ago
Re: Direct debit and customer service
Hi. I was a dual fuel customer upto May 2019, when I moved my gas to another supplier. Had to open a new account for electricity as a single fuel. Since then, my direct debit payments have never been collected! Have rung CS numerous times over the past 7 months, they keep saying they have identified the problem BUT next month the direct debit mysteriously disappears from my online account & my bank no longer lists it as active. I am using the same bank details as in previous years, never had a problem until the switch from dual fuel to single fuel. I noticed that my old account is still not showing "account closed", it seems stuck at the "switch complete" phase, so I have told CS about this last month. Still nothing has changed, my direct debit was set up yet again, but now has vanished. Still says I'm on the "goodbye cycle" for my old account, not yet closed. Will have to resort to making another payment this month in lieu of my dd but cannot understand why SP seem incapable of such a simple transition! I'm sure the problem lies with my old account being incompletely closed, but they think not. Will have to leave as soon as my contract becomes free of exit fees...must have spent about 6 hours in total on the phone to CS since last May...

posted by Scotlandila52 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Direct debit and customer service

can you please explane to me how i can change my direct debit to a new bank please .i cant find any where how to explan it to me . mr bryan galloway accnumber 88969853014

posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Direct debit and customer service

@Scotlandila52    People say you can change bank details using the smartphone app.  It's not an option on the internet account login.