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Direct debit

posted by 16067339813 | 8 months ago
I set up a direct debit payment in February for both my gas an electric as I have a baby who’s poorly with so many needs I don’t have time to ring up and pay bills each month. So a few weeks ago I received a bill for nearly £300 I can’t remenber the exact amount but it was as close to. I rang up and for starts my gas and electric were on two completely different account numbers and my gas was direct debit and my electic got set up as quarterly so now I’ve been left with a bill I obviously thought cane out every month I spoke to someon yesterday about it and she said she would put in the complaint for me but we were also spring my new Tariff out an the phone cut off right at the end I just want to know that this complaint has been out through and what’s going to be done about it cos I can’t affort to pay a big lump sum back each month on top of my month bill

posted by RIAFT | 8 months ago
Re: Direct debit

I find using the webhelp facility the best way to resolve queries like this. You may be talking to someone online in an overseas call centre but they can view your account and often make adjustments or corrections there and then. 

posted by Jonnel | 8 months ago
Re: Direct debit
There's a complaint tracker you can follow your complaint on, via your online account. It's a bit hard to find but search via the 'complaints' option in the grey bar at the bottom of the page and you'll find the tracker.
If your complaint doesn't show up, let SP know, and be ready for all the flannel about why it hasn't, just keep reminding them they're on an 8 week countdown till you take it to the energy ombudsman.