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posted by P4u1o | 3 years ago
Re: Display Blank on Smart Meter
So if we can’t read the meters, how on earth can they read them. As I recall also my installer was a young lad who had no previous experience but had passed a smart meter installation course in Bolton over a couple of weeks, I questioned this with SP and was told the installer was adequately trained even though he couldn’t prove it on the day, all gas installers must be able to prove they are Gas Safe competent. I also was not inducted into using the smart meter properly but managed to figure it out for myself

posted by Laroc | 3 years ago
Re: Display Blank on Smart Meter
Hi Teddy2014
I am not sure if you are talking about your gas or electricity meter ? My electricity meter is clearly displaying the readings it is my gas meter that the screen is blank on, I solved this by pushing the A button underneath and waiting for two or three seconds after which the meter reading is clearly displayed for me. So is your gas meter the same? Does it have three buttons in a row underneath it reading A.B and C? Do not worry your meter is sending your readings to Scottish Power it just does not tell you this however if you take a look at the part of the web site that asks you to give a meter reading you will see that the reading is there and beside it, it will read "smart reading "
As to the in house display better know as the little black box that shows you your daily usage of power, Scottish Power are having big problems with these at the moment due to a update to them going very badly wrong. I do not think they know what has gone wrong or how to fix it at the moment so we who are affected are staring at displays that say 0.00 or show a series of dashes. If we have patience hopefully they will sort this out soon.

posted by lcwhito | A week ago
Re: Display Blank on Smart Meter

After much hassle from SP I had a Smart Meter Installed a week ago.

Have seen nothing on IHD since installation so would someone please send an instruction manual for this device.

Have just returned to SP but did I make a mistake by so doing

Leonard Crook

posted by lcwhito | A week ago
Re: Display Blank on Smart Meter
I do not know as it has not worked since installation.

posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Display Blank on Smart Meter

@lcwhito   The display units often take a long time to activate, and even then they often lose contact again.  The important thing is for the meters to send their readings to SP, the display takes no part in that process.  If your display does not activate itself just unplug it and put it away.   Instructions are on the SP website, but not much use if you have no data to see.