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Do I Have To Wait for my Smart Meter To Give Reliable Readings?

posted by BigMarkB | A month ago

Dear All.

Just had our Smart Meter installed but i'm getting worried now.  It seems to pick up the electricity usage no problem at all, but the gas readings are off the chart (so to speak) already in a day and a half we have used £16.00 worth of energy according to the meter. However when I go into the settings it says that we are on a 1850 day period, waiting for supplier details and also a CIN. As there are no instructions supplied I am at a loss as to what the 1850 day period is, It says SP are the supplier and CIN is also a mystery to me. I am a bit apprehensive as it means that this month alone will cost me £400+ in energy and with no way to read the meter I have no idea how to prove SP wrong about the gas consumption. I'm hoping that it will sort itself out in a few days time but any info to confirm or dispell my worries would be welcome. Thanks in advance

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posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Do I Have To Wait for my Smart Meter To Give Reliable Readings?
I suppose you are talking about your Display unit? They give false data and you can ignore them. SP are trying to improve them.