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Dodgy billing using online.

posted by fendertele | A year ago

So i have only just noticed that my balances have been my actual readings and estimates added together and i have been paying this for the last 2/3 years, why is the system doing this ?


Take a look at the attachment..... scottish power submits an estimate of £28.78 and the balance on the side is updated from zero to £28.78 in debt, the very next day i provide a real reading and it calculates the actual bill at £20.60 meaning they over estimated by 8 pounds no biggy.... but the balance is then not updated to £20.60 but the real and estimate added together putting me £49.38 in debit! and so when i put in my next meter reading it adds it on to the £49.38.

I have seen similar posts without the proof posted, and people trying to explain it by saying it's the extra that they actually used on top of the estimate and all sorts of silly ideas.... there is no way i used 20 pound overnight so we can forget that explanation..... it is clear that the estimate was not removed from the current balance total and instead added on to the actual reading....

So why hasn't this been fixed looking at my bills this has been going on for aslong as i have been with scottish power... surely it is happening to everyone ? or is it just some accounts having this issue on their account online ?


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Dodgy billing using online.
Hi Fender, this comes up a lot, the estimate is a guess of your reading so if it was £20 too low then after your actual reading the bill will jump £20 higher. You did not use £20 overnight, but the estimate was wrong. In these cases the estimate and actuals are added together; they do not work by ignoring the estimate.
If your actual reading had been lower than the estimate, then you would have money taken off the estimated bill.

posted by Ernie_C | A year ago
Re: Dodgy billing using online.

...or, in other words, their estimate was £28.78 and the actual, given your meter reading, was £49.38.

posted by Blondie | 8 months ago
Re: Dodgy billing using online.


Hope someone can explain my account had an estimated bill I sent in correct meter readings the following day, however on the billing section the estimated bill is still showing on my account along with correct readings given me a huge debit balance!! Hope to get clarification about this asap.

I have not been charged anymore via DD, but my account is showing in excess of £400 to much.

posted by Davc | 8 months ago
Re: Dodgy billing using online.
Hi blondie estimated bills are still bills that need paying. Actual readings will reduce the amount owed if they are lower than the estimate but will add onto the estimate if they are higher. The actual reading does not replace the estimate it adds onto it. So it looks like a long estimated time has now been corrected upwards. Sorry to say that is what you owe today. Send in readings more often to avoid this happening.