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Dumb Smart Meter - Upgrade

posted by xtream_uk | A week ago

Evening Folks

Does anyone know when DCC will be enrolling the Secure SMETS1 meters? I was previously told it would be March, this then slipped to August. Is this accurate?

Any time I have spoken with someone at SP I just get fobbed off or speak to someone that clearly doesnt know what I am asking. I wish I had stayed with Octopus Energy. Decent Customer Service and a Smart Meter which actually works.

I have asked repeatedly if they can swap my meter to a SMETS2 one but I was told under no uncertain terms this would never happen.




posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Dumb Smart Meter - Upgrade

@xtream_uk   DCC have a huge task to enrol Smets1 meters into their system. It is going ahead steadily but very difficult to know when your turn will come.  Meantime it must be frustrating you now have to send in regular monthly readings and I suppose your IHD has stopped working.   Have a look at the DCC website for more information. 

posted by xtream_uk | A week ago
Re: Dumb Smart Meter - Upgrade
Thanks for your reply.

It is frustrating, my meter is in an awkward place and I’ve just had Solar PV installed so I’d like to keep a note of my exports. It’s not easy when you have to keep checking the meter.

The DCC website doesn’t have any info for consumers which indicates timescales. Their target for having all SMETS1 meters enrolled was Sept 22. I doubt they will be meeting that one, considering my meter was supposed to me migrated by March 22.

Maybe someone from SP will be able to indicate timelines.