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posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???
@Kitty123 I think it's highly unlikely ExEn customers are going to get a one-off cash payment from Scottish Power, going by their SOLR bid details and Ofgem's press releases - not unless the customer had already left ExEn when they went bust but was still owed, or the owed amount was pretty small, anyway. What I CAN see ExEn customers getting, is a credit to their ongoing Scottish Power accounts, probably spread over a number of months up to the value of the amount owed them by ExtraEnergy.
eg: if you had a credit balance of say, £100 with ExEn when they went bust, and were passed on to Scottish Power, you might find that once the administrators are done with ExEn's accounts, your future bills from Scottish Power would show a credit of £25 a quarter over the course of a year, reducing your SP bill over that year by a total value of your missing £100, effectively refunding your ExEn balance. No one-off payment, but £100 worth of free energy from Scottish Power.

I hope you DO all get a one-off payment - it would be nice - but I just can't see it. Let's face it, it wasn't Scottish Power's fault ExEn went bust, so why would SP give every creditor that money back out of their own pocket when those people could leave SP the very next day ? Don't forget, Scottish Power ASKED Ofgem for all of ExEn's customers... and asking to give away money doesn't make business sense unless it's not actually being given away but being used to buy customers. The one thing you can be sure about with Scottish Power is that they're in a business...

posted by Susan | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???

Im in same situation. Surely scottish power have a duty to reply to our concerns. Has anyone taken this further, and reported their appalling behavior!!!

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???

Hi Susan, Please read through the comments from many people, several of whom have gone to the ombudsman. It will be a slow process checking EE's records for 100,000 customers and allowing credits to their new SP accounts. Be prepared for a long wait, please read Jonnel's comments above your post.

posted by Unhappy019 | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???
Let's just be honest here. Nobody can defend SP because it's their own fault.

2800 reviews on trust pilot. 95% 1 out of 5 stars.

Twitter and Facebook - filled with complaints and issues.

Email support - Indian call centre. SP's way of cutting the costs (it's their choice instead of employing UK call centre staff). Meaning their support isn't as high quality generally, but when something complex comes up like the EE case, they are totally clueless (I put in a complaint partly about this email support trying to resolve the EE situation and was awarded compensation).

No contact whatsoever. Come on, the credit balances are people's hard earned money. People, including myself are in total limbo. What have SP done to put their customers minds at rest? NOTHING! An email from them back in November and for most people nothing else. An email sent to all EE customers just explaining there is a bit of a delay, but not to worry as out money is safe, can put people's minds at rest. Yet they can't even be bothered to do that (This was included in my complaint as well).

Phone support hold times are awful. Just look on Facebook, the mod says they are sorry as they are dealing with unusually high calls. Rubbish. Looking back for years, people have had problems getting through to them. They chose to cut costs by having less phone support staff.

I see there's a member comment where someone says people could receive £25 a quarter of their credit as it's a big cost to SP when considering a lot of customers would get their credit and leave. I think you will find many, if not most EE customers will be leaving SP because of the way SP have handled this matter. There can be no excuses at all. They have handled it terribly and people simply don't trust them.

My experience is that this is worst I have ever had to endure with any company. They are abysmal and even after being compensated with some money as an apology (still waiting for my EE credit though), they haven't learned.

Actually for that matter I could put in another complaint now about issues and I'm absolutely certain with the amount of upset and frustration they have caused me, I would either receive compensation from them, or would escalate it to the energy ombudsman who will decide in my favour.

Sadly SP couldn't give a **bleep** about their customers and I advise every EE customer to put a complaint it as they are thoroughly in the wrong.

Maybe all the complaints and compensation paid out will shake them into caring more about their customers.

posted by Unhappy019 | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???
I know SP staff don't check the forums but I post as other people in the same boat can read another experience of what they are going through.

EE didn't go bust per se. They were lumped with a green tax of which they didn't account for and couldn't pay it so called the administrators in to try and recover as much money from the company as possible to pay off creditors. Debt like the green tax bill will be written off, or only a very small amount will be paid. They didn't run out of money or assets (go bust). They couldn't afford to pay a liability and there was no way to get it written off unless they wound up the company.

Don't quote me on this as it was something I skimmed through on the ofgem site back in November/December, but I saw something like, if a supplier goes out of business, their credit is always safe as ofgem have some sort of pot to protect customers.

SP have said on their site that they will "honour" credit balances. They have even told quite a few customers when they got through to them that their full EE credit will be applied to their SP account.

From all information via ofgems site, I am absolutely certain every customer who was in credit will have that balance applied to their SP account, yet SP are the ones causing worry, stress and doubt for many customers by stating silent. When combined with incompetent support, countless negative reviews and them being very hard to get hold of, it fuels people's concerns even further.

posted by Brassoboy | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???

Having read many of the previous posts we are just anxious that our several hundred pounds credit will be lost - despite the various 'guarantees' offerred by Ofgem and SP. I agree the shear lack of information or conflicting responses from SP doesnt help. Im just on the phone to SP (waiting for 30 mins probably!!) so as to log a complaint - dont know if that will help but I agree that all ex EE customers in a similar position should now act in unison. I understand EE's demise was nothing to do with SP but their management of ex-EE  customers is far less than satisfactory. If Ofgem have supposedly guaranteed credit reimbursement why havnt we received any comunication from them either? Perhaps we need BBC's Watchdog involved.


posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???

Hello Brasso, You will not lose your EE credit but it may trickle back to you as credits on the SP bills, did you check if you have received any credits yet?

posted by mat | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???
I logged a complaint back on the 23rd Feb, and still no update!!! I am also getting very anxious that any of us will get any of our stolen money back! Has anybody on this feed gotten anything back yet?

posted by Fedupnocredit | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???
Have been trying since Jan to get satisfactory reply about credit from extra energy, No joy, now 4 months, pi****d off, lot of money involved, no one seems to be bothered, S. P. just want our money.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: EX-Extra Energy Customer How do I get my credit back???

Yes mat, let us see if anyone has received a credit yet. But your money was not stolen, the company you traded with  went bankrupt and Ofgem have promised your money will be refunded at government’s expense. Yes it is a long time to wait but all the accounts have to be finalised and signed off, SP will then be given the funds to return to you, probably as SP credits against your bill.