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Economy 7 meter not working.

posted by Maggy | 3 weeks ago

My economy meter reading is same as last reading, even though I'm using small amount during off peak times,  I'm sure Scottish power charging me higher tariff for off peak, how can I find out, as only one meter with to different reading day and low.


posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 meter not working.

@Maggie  Your bill will show you the p/kwh for day and night useage. If you want to check if a single tariff would suit you better try a price comparison website.  If you have storage heaters it is usually better to stay on a two rate system.

posted by Maggy | 2 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 meter not working.
My economy meter not working, but the normal rate one is moving during economy 7 hours, looked at it last night, which means I'm paying at the higher price during the economy 7 hours. Did phone scottish power , and they will be looking into it, just hope I get refund as it stoped working just after March, but just found out after putting economy 7 meter reading in and it's the same as last 3- 5 months ago.

posted by Maggy | A week ago
Re: Economy 7 meter not working.

It's all fine, hopefully they are coming to change for another meter at the end of the month.