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Economy 7 night rate hours

posted by iainsw | A year ago

Simple question - but one I cannot find the answer to on the web-site - what hours does the Economy 7 night rate apply - I've seen various times from 1100pm - 0600am to 0100am to 0800am - anyone have the definitive answer - need to set my car charging times for the lowest tarriff :-)


posted by  Gordon | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours

Hi @iainsw, I've moved your post to it's own thread as I think there will be more people with this question.

It's great to hear that you are making  use of an Economy 7 tariff for an electric vehicle! These are definitely the best tariffs for this purpose just now, although as the uptake of electric vehicles grow we are looking at how to offer tariffs that are specifically designed for EV's.

To answer your original question, the times very much vary by the area you are in which is why you may have been struggling to find a definitive answer. This page here: https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/energy-efficiency/energy-efficiency-toolkit/electric-heating/ has a table down the bottom (expand the "...what time does my off-peak rate switch on? option) where you will be able to see the times for your area. Let me know if this helps. 


posted by Inquisitor | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours
Hello Gordon

I followed your link https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/energy-efficiency/energy-efficiency-toolkit/electric-heating/ .

I clicked on the 2 + signs at the bottom of the page . The 1st opens a map which indicates that I'm in area 20 with night rate times from
2330 - 0630 OR 0030 - 0730.

The 2nd + sign lists a range of tariffs, on two tables . Neither of which show the 'Dual Fuel' tariff I'm on. The second table however does show 'Economy7' which is the tariff we have always been on. In the absence of a 'Dual Fuel' tariff, I conclude that Economy7 must be the correct tariff.

It states "Night rate is a period of 7 hours and will normally be one of the following two options:
0100 to 0800 BST (same clock time all year) or 0130 to 0830 BST.

I've been informed by Scottish Power that our meter, which is only 4 years old, complies with the 'same clock time all year' requirement, therefore our night hours are "0100 to 0800 BST (same clock time all year)" . If our meter doesn't comply with the same clock time all year then our night hours will be 0130 to 0830 BST.

Can you confirm that this is correct please.

Many thanks Noel

posted by ScottishJohn | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours
It would be helpful if it also gave the hours for the off peak hot water. This is also switched by the meter. Thanks.

posted by mick787 | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours

Hi iaiansw, 

Have you tried to get a smart meter to see how much it is costing you to charge your car? We have an electric car and E7, but have been told by Scottish Power that the technology isnt there yet to have a smart meter if you have E7. Sadly, they appear to have been caught out because on an electric vehicle forum, users say Scottish Power are wrong and that numerous suppliers provide smart meters for those with E7 Ovo Energy are one such company. As at this time Scottish Power has chosen not to reply to the coment! 

posted by iainsw | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours
Hi I have registered interest, but as of now, no response! My bills have reduced back to almost the level they were before, although usage the same, so even more puzzling! I'm nearly a year on, so will look closely at equivalent bills this year, see if I can spot any correlation! Iain

posted by mick787 | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours


 Smart Energy GB made a reply to a comment I made on one of their posts  on social media  about Scottish Power and their reluctance to provide Smart meters to those with E7, they gave me this reply.....

"smart meters can work with multiple tariffs, which can include Economy 7 type tariffs along with other time of-use tariffs.

However, as suppliers are responsible for installing smart meters, they can choose to do this in a way that best suits their customers/business. Rest assured you won’t be left behind - If they can't offer you one now, they'll be able to do so before the completion of the rollout."

If you need verification of what I have posted here, contact Smart Energy GB because Scottish Power wont reply and give a reason. They will do what they want when they want. There are companies out there who do provide Smart Meters to people on E7 tariffs. 

posted by mick787 | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours

I have voted with my feet and have decided to change supplier. Another classic bit of Customer Service then came from Scottish Power, they sent me an e mail which stated 'can we persuade you to stay', (ring this number). So I did! They answered by saying they knew i had still got a complaint on going with them, (3 weeks now and they have not replied) and also that I had rung the wrong number. When I explained I had rung the number they provided on their e mail, they said it was a standard generated letter which goes out to everyone. On being advised they need to change its content they said they would transfer me to the correct unit. Upon being transferred, guess what...... I'm told I am speaking with the wrong department and that they will transfer me. I'm not stupid, I've had enough of their silly childish games. I'm changing supplier and stand to save over £100 a year on a fixed rate deal compaired to SP.

posted by AlanBranch | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours

Have just transferred to Scottish Power from Eon.  I have an Eon installed smart meters (electric and gas) and an internal plug in display so am able to see what energy I am using (I assume although this is an Eon display unit it simply reads kWh?)

First question is how do I read my meters.  Was advised by Scottish Power to press 9 on the key pad.  Did that with the eletric meter and was able to get a reading for one tariff.  However I have a two rate tariff and was unable to get reading for the second?

Secondly, as with other users, what time does my tariff switch to "off peak"?  I understand there is a map of areas but where do I find this??  No good me setting the dishwasher to start off peak if I don't know what the off peak period is!  Far as I knew off peak hours were between midnight and 07:00.  Has this changed?

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Economy 7 night rate hours

There is a good youtube video about this, i think you have to press 999 on the electric meter.