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Electric Use and Oxygen Machine

posted by derek | 2 years ago

You asked me why i had used so much electric it is because i am now using a oxygen machine ihave been told i will get a rebate is that true

and this is for the rest of my life can you help me please 


posted by  Eilidh | 2 years ago
Re: Electric Use and Oxygen Machine

Hi @derek, Yes this is correct you can gain a rebate for using an oxygen machine.  However you claim this back from the company who supplies your oxygen as opposed to your energy supplier.   We also ask all customers who rely on oxygen to inform us of this so we can update our records to reflect this - can I check if you have already contacted our customer service team to advise this?


posted by derek | A year ago
Re: Electric Use and Oxygen Machine

Yes i have informed your service team about my use of oxygen machine and all my other health problems

I have also receved a form from Dolby Vivisol the people who supply the machine asking where i would like my rebate sent

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Electric Use and Oxygen Machine
Glad you got it all sorted @derek