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Electricity Supplier Number

posted by SUEF | A year ago

Does anyone know Scottish Power's Electricity Supplier Number?  I need this to complete a DBS application.  It is asking for the Electricity Meter Point number.


posted by cbarai | A year ago
Re: Electricity Supplier Number

This should be on your bill, look for the MPAN on the bill thats the number you are looking for.

posted by maron | A year ago
Re: Electricity Supplier Number

I have two electricity supply numbers , is this ok when switching suppliers or can I have them made into one number 

posted by  PaulJ | A year ago
Re: Electricity Supplier Number


Normally 2 supply numbers mean you have an off peak service on a secondary meter.

Check if you have 2 meters - they could be converted into one but it dpends on the heating system you have in the property.

Give customer sevices a call or email in and someone can take a look at your account.