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Email a Complaint?

posted by BrenMc | A week ago

How can I raise an Email complaint?

I moved into a new build 8 months ago. I phoned on the first day to Register my gas meter and have it updated to the National database. I was told 3 weeks. Nothing after a month. Phoned again "3 weeks" I was told, Again 2 months Nothing.

Phoned again "Royal Mail register gas meters not us" I was told... Seemed strange. Phoned again same story - 3 weeks.

Finally 2 months ago on chat after 2 hours I got an account setup. I still have "Your account is still being setup. Please try again later." Today. I work 12 hour shifts and dont make it home oftne enough to waste so much time on the phone to be told 3 weeks or spend 2hours on chat.

I WANT TO PAY FOR MY GAS!!!!!! thats all, register the meter, give me an account/Bill, let me pay...

Is there an independent body I can contact, I cant even move supplier as Scottish power need to register the meter.


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Email a Complaint?

@BrenMc   The email address is 


Give your account number and address and any numbers printed on the gas meter. Keep readings yourself in case of dispute over gas usage. SP should register your meter for you and give an MPRN number. You can also research all this on the internet. 

posted by BrenMc | A week ago
Re: Email a Complaint?
@Davc Thank you for the email address much appreciated. I have messaged them.
I have been keeping readings, I already have an MPRN, The issues are just getting it registered and letting me pay some money. I am afraid when it all gets sorted (in a few years at this rate) I will be hit with a huge bill.