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Energy Prices

posted by DavC1 | A month ago

In the news this weekend - there is an energy shortage and a steep increase of prices. There are no cheap deals left and some smaller suppliers are expected to go bankrupt. Stay with your tariff and supplier and hope for things to get better but prices will be higher this winter, so keep that in mind and prepare to have to pay more. If your tariff is fixed until a cetain month you will not pay more until the tariff runs out. If you are on the variable monthly contract you will pay more in October, and probably more again before the winter is over.  Any questions? I will try to help.


posted by Magorij | 4 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices

My current fixed tariff ends 31.10.2021

have a new deal offer which I am likely to take up 

If I switch now will I switch to new deal straight away , which although good, is a higher price or should I wait until my current deal ends? Not sure how long the offer will be available.....

posted by DavC1 | 4 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices

@Magorij  Its a good idea to switch now, prices are still rising.

posted by Magorij | 4 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices

Thanks for the reply ( my first post so was a bit nervous :-) )

appreciate that prices are still rising ... but Im on fixed until next month which I fixed in a year ago... I just wish I knew when the offer is likely to expire as researching many of their deals it is one of the cheapest although there is a cheaper electricity deal with same fixed expiry date ! ( and cheaper on both unit and standing charge) as there is no duel fuel discount anymore I may split across both deals :-)

Im going to call them in morning to try and find out likely end date of special promotion.. for gas anyway.... but will probably switch earlier - bird in the hand and all that :-)

Thanks again

posted by DavC1 | 4 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices

@Magorij   Thanks for joining this discussion. In my opinion prices will continue to rise, and stay at a high level through to Summer 2022. The government has a lot of problems to solve and eventually consumers will have to pay the full new prices.  The idea that the situation is only going to last a few weeks is wishful thinking.

posted by Cthompson | 3 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices
We’ve made the switch to Scottish power and we should be transferred over with them in October. When I was on the phone to the handler he advised it’s a fixed contract but the amount we pay can go up or down depending on how much we use. Doesn’t this just mean it’s a variable contract? Sorry for the question, this just seemed the right forum to use

posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Energy Prices

@Cthompson   It's a question that puzzles many, what is fixed is the unit price per kilowatt hour. What you pay depends on how many kWh units you use.    It's like buying petrol, the price per litre might stay the same but what you pay depends on how many litres you buy. 
A fixed price contract protects you against the cost of kWh units rising.