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Energy Usage kwh/£ switch removed

posted by bobccooper | A week ago

I've been using the app on my phone for a couple of years to check for energy used ib £s half hourly. A few months back the setting changed to kwh and I could not find a way to switch it back. After searching I discovered that there was supposed to be a kwh/£ switch in the top right  corner but this had been removed after an update. But the switch was still there when viewed on my larger screen tablet. The day before yesterday it dissapeared too!!  I would suspect most of us would want to know how much we are being charged each day in £s and not how much we are consuming in kwh. Cost is vital in keeping bills and budget under control SO WHY WOULD THEY REMOVE THIS SWITCH? I've registered a complaint but am getting no where. Is any one else mystified by this move? 


posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Energy Usage kwh/£ switch removed

@bobccooper   Many people reported that wrong £ values were being used in the conversion from kWh to £.  Until this had been put right by using the correct tariff value for each account it was decided to remove the misleading £ calculation.   SP have not said when this will be corrected but it is assumed to be a temporary fix until a correct £ calculation can be offered.   You can do it yourself by multiplying the kWh units by your tariff cost, usually for now that is around 30p a unit, but can be much cheaper on old fixed contracts. 

posted by bobccooper | A week ago
Re: Energy Usage kwh/£ switch removed
That answers my question. Took a while but you got there in the end. As it's an excellent budgetry aid I'm looking forward to getting it back soon Thank you. Mine seemed quite accurate though