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Energy theft?

posted by SacredGallows | 3 weeks ago
Hi there our night tarrif reading was on average 137 ish units per month (about £20 for the fridge) in my tattoo studio. I’ve just read the meter and for the same period it’s used 2374 units. (£376!)
How do I find if someone has tapped into my electricity (grow farm etc)? I can’t get through to SP on the phone atm.
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posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Energy theft?

@SacredGallows    I don't think SP can give you any advice on this.  Ask an electrician to have a look at your property and detect any unauthorised use.   If you are reading your meter you are on safe ground, but the app and handheld monitor can give false readings, so check by looking at your actual meter.