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posted by mary70 | 9 months ago
Re: Energy usage function
App not working yet again !! A reply from SP solved nothing and no indication of anything wrong. Taking much too long to fix.

posted by SimonInReading | 3 weeks ago
Re: Energy usage function

This has broken again.

Last date shown is 18th April.  Now its 3rd May, and still no change.

I emailed SP and the usual delete the data from the app and remove browser cache!

Still no difference.  Then I replied to the email is there is a server issue somewhere?  they then replied yes there is.

To be honest I dont just beleive the Customer Service.  I think they just go along with you to shut you up and move on tot he next customer.

Has anyone else got this issue where the last day of stats is 18th April?

I see some text on the web page where the usage is "We’re working on some enhancements to Energy Usage. To check the cost of your consumption, view your bills & payments.".  That has been there for ages, and going to view your bills&paymens does not show daily usage!

Come on SP, any idea when this will be fixed?


posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Energy usage function

@SimonInReading   Yes, you are correct, there are many comments about poor data in the energy app since the price changes on 1st April.  We just have to wait for SP to sort it out. 

posted by Bobby4 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Energy usage function
I don't know if it is related, but my in-house-display (IHD) stopped receiving electric data for the past 2 days and shows gas usage.

The energy usage web-page is still showing electricity and gas of yesterday.

When the IHD was working with electricity, it showed electricity prices increases and gas daily price, but gas unit price is still that of 2019. The gas meter displays unit price I think rounded up to 8p and daily about 27p