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Erroneous transfer

posted by algy | 3 years ago



I used Scottish power for a number of years. Last year I switched to Eon. After a couple of months they informed that my electricity account was being switched back to Scottish. I objected immediately but to no avail. Emails, chats phone calls have produced no result. Eon were unable to block the transfer. No reasons are given, but I will be charged at a crazy rate with no recourse. It will cost me money. Meanwhile I hear nothing but an account has been set up without my authorization.

Time has passed and it is an ongoing nightmare. I will complain to the Ombudsman but I don't have much confidence.

Anyone else sufferd at the hands of this mafia?


posted by iBlitz | 3 years ago
Re: Erroneous transfer

It's a joke. Ours got transferred from SP to Hudson. Couldn't get a straight answer from anyone. Letters dated from SP dated before we even moved in! Then hit with a gigantic bill without any communication letter to say why or what. I have no problem paying for the energy I used, but I haven't been given the option to shop around for a better deal because this was unresolved. SP is teh worst energy supplier out there IMO.  

posted by algy | 3 years ago
Re: Erroneous transfer

I complained to the Ombudsman. Time passed but they were very good. I got 75 pounds from SP and 91 pounds from Eon as compensation for their incompetence. I think my account is now with Eon, but I am still pestered by SP for meter readings. So may be things aren't right yet.  Anyone with enough money can buy or set up an energy company, it clearly doesn't mean that there is any proven competence or honesty involved. The money thugs always get into power whether it is under communism or capitalism.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Erroneous transfer

If you switched to Eon and SP are asking for a reading it sounds like you need to give SP a closing reading so they can end your account.  Energy companies are not dishonest, but you have to send in readings so they can calculate your bills. 

posted by babyjakeandjude | A year ago
Re: Erroneous transfer
utilita took over my gas account in April from SP to give them their due They at least have kept in contact with me until my address was sorted last week on National Grid SP have been a nightmare I contacted SP erroneous transfer team today to ask them to please get my gas back to normal I was informed because of open complaint they cannot deal with account !!! onto Lee from Complaints who is trying to help me He has emailed E T team and calling me back Monday Honestly I feel drained

posted by sanarnold | A year ago
Re: Erroneous transfer

Hi people, my transfer was begining of September 2019 from e on to scottish power, as at today November7th my gas has still not been transfered, they tell me because national grid has not been given new readings, i have been pushed from here to there with both blaming one another, i will seriously be more careful whe changing suppliers, so now i am on the new cheap tarrif for electric and high rate  gas with e on because my deal ran out September, i am told it is in proccess and gave yet another reading by phone over a week ago as my account would not let me submit one, so fed up with this transfer !!!

posted by babyjakeandjude | A year ago
Re: Erroneous transfer
I am with the ombudsman now
Wrote and emailed CEO
Not had reply
Mine was April transferred wrongly by another company
Latest news from Scottish Power
Is that they are waiting on my readings from this other company
How long do you think they will wait before penny drops ?
Months and months of phoning getting frustrated ,worrying and being upset
Don’t leave it as long as I did
Start proper complaint process ASAP
Hope this helps you to know what could be ahead !!!

posted by justwh | A year ago
Re: Erroneous transfer
contact your local council energy advice or local mp get them to speak to the company

posted by tmcdevitt | 6 months ago
Re: Erroneous transfer
Almost the same, are these people for real?! Aren't they supposed to handle personal data in a safe secure manner and not behave like spoilt brats when they get things wrong... like ALL the time!
I switched away from SP a few months ago. then, out of the blue a letter dropped on the doormat to inform me of my new account with Scottish Power...eh??!!
I called them to ask what's going on? Oh it's just an 'erroneous transfer' they said. Err... incompetence I call it!
So now months later and several attempts to regain control of my energy supply my new provider still does not have control.
A further attempt today - I spoke to 2 agents: dumb and dumber then the weeeeee beastie from under the stairs that spouted bovine excrement whilst trying to convince me it was my fault I should await a response from a complaint logged with SP....eh.. why? what? who? where? when? Err dont think so - that ship has sailed a long time ago my friend and sunk so far down to the bottom of the ocean amongst all the other whale dung....
There is no end to the codswallop these people spew from their brain-washed orifices... frankly I couldn't give a toss what they say.. I just don't want them to **bleep** well STOP controlling my energy supply thank you very much...!!!

posted by melember | 4 months ago
Re: Erroneous transfer

For the past 4 months, Scottish Power has continued to take control of my energy supply despite the fact I have never had an account with them...My supplier Bulb has taken the supply back every time they have sought to take control..yet Scottish Power continues with this action...I am about to tackle this head-on as this company is acting thuggish in its behavior and I feel there should be legislation to prevent companies like Scottish Power from acting in what I would deem totally illegal fashion...It is my intention to contact my MP and ask them to address this matter to the Minster and to try and raise the question in the Commons..If others are interested in this I will start a petition to lobby for a change in the law


Mel Buckley