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Extortionate charges

posted by Trivett010 | A year ago
Last week I rang up to submit some meter readings for an updated bill to which I was told the increase was very high and also that our account had not been set up properly. I was advised to email a picture of my current readings so that my account could be updated and checked... I was told it was most likely SP at fault. Today I received an email charging £1350 for 2 months electricity. I live in a 2 bedroom flat with 2 storage heaters which have been on a handful of times in 2 months. Also the property has been pretty empty with working full time and also spending time at a family home during the U.K. lockdown. Any advice on what I should do next as it is a ludicrous bill and cannot afford to pay!

posted by James1 | A year ago
Re: Extortionate charges

Do you have a economy 7 Mtr or a smart mtr?

posted by Trivett010 | A year ago
Re: Extortionate charges
We have an economy 7Mtr, apparently we are ineligible for a smart meter... I have recently updated the bill and it’s come down to 350 for the 2 months which is obscene, any suggestions on what this could be?

posted by Paul_williams4 | 6 days ago
Re: Extortionate charges
I have a debt on my so called smart meter for about £1600 , last month I topped up £170 for electric, in my one bed house in Melbourn near Cambridge, the debt recovery rate is set e£9.99 a week, I’ve smashed up the smart meter as my credit was disappearing in front of my eyes I couldn’t believe it I was watching it more than the tv until I snapped.
The fictitious app on my mobile as the chat guy said it was , I had £4.99 in credit got home to darkness no power, tonight my app says £15.67 the actual meter is &10.67 , good job it’s not a fuel tank for 747 or my life support machine,
I’ve tried the hardship fund but I don’t qualify as on paper I earn too much, but It doesn’t take into account I’m paying £170 a week child maintenance direct from earnings and £160 rent, I’m left with about £100 a week for train fare and other costs .
Topped up £20 this morning and now it’s £10.67 I understand that I have a debt on the meter but they give with one hand and take with six.

posted by DavC1 | 6 days ago
Re: Extortionate charges

@Paul_williams4   Sorry for you Paul, electric heating is very expensive and near £100 a month in winter is  normal, and by all accounts it will be closer to £200 a month next winter unless the government steps in. The debt just makes things even worse.  You could try Citizens Advice for help.  Good luck.