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posted by EE | 12 months ago

Apparantly,  Scottish Power website reads:

I have a credit balance on my Extra Energy account, will I get this money back?

Don’t worry if you are owed money by Extra Energy. We’ll ensure any remaining credit is added to your new ScottishPower account. We will also honour any credit due to Extra Energy customers who had commenced or completed a switch to another supplier prior to the 25th November 2018.

Once a final meter read is agreed, customers will receive a final bill from the appointed Extra Energy administrator. Please note, ScottishPower is not responsible for issuing bills to customers for any period prior to us taking over your energy supply which occured at 00:00 hours on from 25 November 2018.

The administrator will advise ScottishPower of any up to date credit balances to allow us to add this to your new ScottishPower account. Any outstanding credit owed to a customer who has left Extra Energy will be provided by cheque.


Anyone know when this refund might be paid?


posted by pickle | 12 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

I was told it would take 4 weeks to transfer over. Still waiting 9 weeks later. What’s going o Scottish power?

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

Hi Pickle, it might help to phone and remind them but I guess they are overwhelmed with people in your situation. 0800 027 0072

posted by Beehive | 12 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

I am still waiting for my 'Welcome Pack' and information on my Extra Energy account, ie how much credit I have or how much I  owe. Extra Energy pulled their website, so I couldnt check after they went bust. I am concerned that I will have to pay a large amount as it has now been three months since a DD was taken. I telephoned this morning to get an account number, but it doesn't give me any information about the status of my account - just allows me access to this community.

Come on Scottish Power! Get in touch and sort out what we owe, or what you owe us. It's been two and a half months since our EE accounts were deleted - plenty of time to have sorted all your new customers 

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy
Yes SP seems overwhelmed by the new accounts. Your eventual payment should not be very different to what you would have been paying EE so just keep some savings aside for when your new account goes live.

posted by EE | 11 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

Thanks for your responses. In summary, nobody knows and Scottish Power  is not telling. 

posted by DaffyD | 11 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy
Like many I have been waiting since November for firm I formation as to when payments to SE will begin. DD is set up but no payment taken yet. How much is the past three months going to cost me?

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy
In the winter months in a detached house it’s about £100 a month.

posted by CEMT | 11 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

How do you get a reply from Scottish Power? When I managed to contact them at the beginning of January , following a request from them to set up a Direct Debit I was told that Ofgem had extended the time frame for sending out notification/welcome packs until the end of January. It is now well into February and still nothing from Scottish Power. I was assured when setting up the Direct Debit that I would not be tied into any agreement however, I have no idea whether in the interim  I am paying on a competitive tarif. Ofgem advised against changing supplier until Scottish Power have sorted everything out. I have tried making contact again with Scottish Power  but can only access an automated reply which says that I must wait until receiving documentation and that none of their operatives will be able to answer any questions! Does any other former Extra Energy customer have any other information? In conclusion - Sign up with Scottish Power? On their performance and support to date - I don't think so!!

posted by CEMT | 11 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy
I am interested to note that the payment should be similar to that paid to Extra Energy. I have been requested to set up a Direct Debit with Scottish Power that is considerably more!