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posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

Hi CEMT, I suppose you have not paid anything to SP since EE went bust, so your DD is catching up with a debt, it should settle down to a normal amount in the spring.

posted by exextraenergy | 3 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

I spoke to Scottish Power on the phone in November, and haven't really heard anything since. Since then, every time I try to call, I get a message saying they are too busy and the line cuts off. I emailed them on the 28th January and again on the 7th February and haven't had any response. 

I did manage to speak to someone on their webchat, who told me I was on the tariff 'Basic Energy Online', which is 18.9945p per day and 16.84305p per kWh. I've not paid a bill with Scottish Power since moving and I am also concerned that I will receive a high bill! Especially since, when I spoke to them in November, the direct debit amount they quoted was also nearly double what my db was with extraenergy. 

I'm also confused about extra energy. I keep getting texts from extra energy saying I owe money, and sending me accoutn details to pay into. But they don't say how much, I've not received any post from them, and the number in the text just connects to a dial tone. I'm not going to send an unspecified amount of money to an account I don't know- the message could be a spam! The person on Scottish Power chat just told me to ignore them. Is anyone else receiving these messages?

So I'm sat here, potentially in debt to two energy companies, receiving daily messages demanding money from extra energy. I know it's been suggested we don't move, and I've not received a response to my email asking how we move, but *it was only a suggestion and we are still free to move*. 

I plan to call another energy company this weekend and explain I want to move to them, but that Scottish Power are not responding to any emails and are being inept. I'm hoping they'll help get me out of the Scottish Power mess .

I really am amazed SP were awarded the extraenergy customers, given that they clearly don't have the infrastructure to handle us. 


posted by exextraenergy | 3 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy
Just spoken to an operation on webchat.

They said, to leave, just let your new energy company know your meter reading, and they will contact Scottish Power on your behalf. That's all you have to do, and we can do it at any time.

This is great, as it means we don't have to communicate with Scottish Power ourselves. I will be doing this this afternoon, and I would recommend everyone else unhappy with Scottish Power does too. The best way to give a company feedback is to vote with our money.

posted by Sunny | 2 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

When can I expect confirmation of the refund awaited from Extra Energy, which Scottish Power has stated in writing they were dealing with?   Extra Energy collected the last D/D payment from my bank on 25 Nov 18 and I understand Scottish Power started to supply my Gas  & Electric effective from the same date!  It really is this whole fiasco was concluded with some sense of urgency.

posted by EE | 2 months ago
Re: ExtraEnergy

As it so happens, I had elected to leave ExtraEnergy and recruit ScottishPower as my new supplier before EE went under. Therefore I feel doubly screwed over.