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posted by Unimpressed_LiL | 8 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power

I sense all is not well in the assimilation front..... my personal experience ....I understand these things take time but I've not heard a thing from SP in 6 weeks when I got an email saying your account is nearly ready with one minor thing to authorise a direct debit process. On top of that, .I've not had any confiirmation that the account's open, I had to call 3 times to get the account number so that I could register the online account. I know the account's now open but can;t see anything, no payments, nothing and yet no further communications . Yeah, the direct debit's  been taken out right on time though with another due this week. This just bring back horrible memories.  I used to be a SP customer a long time ago and left for bad account management reasons. It seems nothing has changed since ..... My username's says it all unfortunately.....

posted by BennyTheBall | 8 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power

After entering my Meter readings yesterday, 24th Feb, the bill was £875, from about £450ish a weekish ago. Yesterday I entered  readings to make a payment and in a week, the bill went up by nearly £450. Today I entered todays meter readings, (economy 7), 8 units for day, 6 units night, and 2 units gas. The bill is now £1371 an increase of £476 in 24 hours. Something is definately wrong here. So I try to call SP, and low and behold, they are too busy and disconnect the call. What do people think the odds of me leaving Scottish Power very soon?

posted by William33 | 7 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power
This really does not sound right to me? I hope you get this sorted out, I really do .

posted by lexiemacph | 5 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power
Sorry to come back and bump this if it's already been answered, but, has anyone had their credit through yet? I'm still waiting impatiently...

posted by Unhappy019 | 5 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power
Nope, nobody has. Nothing has changed.

Complain to SP, because at very least the lack of contact and worries about your money owed will result in it being investigated.

posted by EliCat | 4 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power

I finally have my Credit, all £5.43 of it (no idea if it is accurate as all my Statements were online).

There was no mention of my Warm Home Discount, but previous replies to my emails said:

Now, I understand you had applied for the Warm Home Discount before the Extra Energy collapsed. I would like to assure you that as you have already applied for it, it will be adjusted automatically. It may take sometime and it will be done.

With reference to your email, I have checked the account and I do understand that you have applied for the warm home discount when you were with extra energy. However, I am unable to track it now as it was applied when extra energy was your supplier. However, the credit and the final bill will start getting issued within in 1-2 weeks and post that and within the first week of August all the extra energy customer will be receiving their final statement. Hence, if you have already applied for warm home discount with extra energy I would request you wait until then as the application can not be applied twice.


posted by lexiemacph | 4 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power
ok so we should expect to have our credit settled by August, for goodness sake, what a time they're taking... I was considering switching and just paying off the debt with these guys, but think it would complicate matters way too much.

posted by Jonnel | 4 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power
@lexiemacph It probably would. Press releases say you will still get what you're owed, even if you leave SP, but there seems to have been no info released on what order the credits are being sent out in. Falling back on common sense suggests ExEn's customers are being sorted alphabetically, but common sense doesn't always pan out where Scottish Power are concerned. One would have thought though, that they would see their own customers right before those using other suppliers, so staying with them should see you getting it sooner than if you leave.

If you leave, you'll get your money as a cheque rather than a credit, but will have more to pay off SP in your final bill when you go. It's really a case of swings and roundabouts.

I just hope your name's not Zacharia Zebedee...

posted by EliCat | 3 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power

They are now saying:

Any of the customers who all got migrated to scottishpower from Extra energy will not be receiving the Warm Discount for the year 2018

posted by EliCat | 3 months ago
Re: Extraenergy assimilation into Scottish Power

When I said I had been told I would recieve it, they said:

I'm sorry for the incorrect information being shared as we were also not updated in regards to the Warm Home Discount.


We were provided a generic response by Extra Energy that they will be sending us the funds after the account adjustments but the Warm Home Discount was not specified in to it.


In later part the Government of UK confirmed that one of the criteria that Warm Home Discount can be credited is the supplier should be functioning and be in business till June of assessment year.


You must have applied the Warm home discount with Extra Energy in August or September and their business stopped as on 25.11.2018 for which Extra Energy will not receive the Warm Discount funds that they can further pass on to their customers.