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posted by skingcox | 3 years ago

Wrong FIT meter reading used  for 20/02/18  payment. It will be corrected at the next reading . Is this OK?


posted by marknick | 3 years ago

where do you entre FIT readings ? 

posted by skingcox | 3 years ago

Look under 'Energy Efficiency' at the bottom. Ypu'll find 'Feed in tariff' there

posted by chris-f | 3 years ago
Once again Scottish Power have revamped their pages and lost the link to entering FIT readings. It’s under the Energy Efficiency / Toolkit /FIT structure but there’s no link that way. I had to search for it.
Actually, I’ve just found a link via the three bar menu at the top, under Saving Energy, but it’s not an obvious place.

posted by Todd | 3 years ago

I had solar panels installed in April. At the end of June I was told that my FIT application had been registered and to supply a meter reading from 18th July. I have tried submitting a reading regularly since then, but the FIT ,number I have been issued is unrecognised. I was advised by customer services to wait 2 weeks while the relevent documentation, which I have now privded twice is processed, then try again.  I am at work before the advisers start at 8:30 and not back from work before they close at 16:15. The mobile signal is rubbish at work so I am having problems contacting them. Has any one else experienced similar problems and have they been resolved?

posted by JH | 3 years ago
Since I transferred to another provider I have been unable to update my FIT readings on your website. It's incredibly difficult to find/access the FIT area.

I have complained before about this (with no change from you) - your website seems entirely focused on selling services and is almost impossible to submit anything that benefits customers.


Please send me detailed instructions and links on how I can submit FIT readings and receive payment from you. 

My latest FIT reading from my solar array is 0954197.


posted by Davc | 3 years ago

hi, I found this on the SP website


posted by aries8 | A year ago
I am moving house and the buyers solicitor has asked for a copy of the FIT tariff agreement with Scottish power. How do I get a copy ?

posted by Grumpy99 | A year ago

I have used SP for years, but as soon as they can upgrade my"Smart Meter" (Joke...) to SMETS 2, I will be off. For service, they are the most useless bunch of idiots I have ever met. Haven't got a clue about anything remotely technical. The latest example of this is that they admit THEY can't download the correct tariff data to my IHD (In home display) for my smart meter. I ask you - what is the point of having a device to  monitor your energy cost "in near real time" if the indicated costs are some 30% too high. PATHETIC.  As for FIT Payments, the meter reading I provided in July hasn't been paid, nor even acknowledged, BUT I cannot re-enter it as THEY obviously have receved it already. No way for a customer to see these readings either. I wonder how many months it will take to sort this one... 

posted by Colfit | 10 months ago
my fit reading are wrong have phoned emailed an still not been resolved what a crap system