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FRUSRATED beyond belief

posted by jayoh | A week ago

So I requested call back 3 times today. They called back BUT I got the same recorded massage about high call volume and calls will be answered asap. Then after 20-30 minuted they cut  me off. So why bother ringing me back when the result is just the same as me calling them?. Same awful music, same recored messages, same result. Just contacted them on Face book as Live Chat a waste of time. Was informed they will call me back, so  now what. I am so fed up with this.

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posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: FRUSRATED beyond belief

@jayoh   It is a common complaint, people say to ring early in the morning in order to get a response.  If the call centre is overwhelmed most days why don't they put more resource into it.  It's not rocket science.