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Faulty Gas Meter

posted by Brummie | 3 years ago

My gas meter was last changed in 1993 and supposedly the valvles in the orange/beige coloured meters go after a couple of years. Last couple of years my gas bill in a household of 2 has been 50% higher than my neighbours (household of 12) on a more expensive british gas tariff, same boiler, same gas fires and similar gas cooker. 


Last year we did daily readings for a month and cared them, they were using about a third less gas despite having their boiler on constantly. Scottish Power were awkward regarding the issue and sent messages via online system and not in paper, I did respond and only now as I have used 'resolver' service they seem to be doing something as  am also quoting the goverment site https://www.gov.uk/guidance/gas-meter-accuracy-and-disputes 

seems it is a common issue:  The report showed that in the worst cases, 88% of one 1983 model meter and 69% of one 2000 model were over-registering - this is in excess of the tolerated 2% leeway...... Almost all of those tested had accuracy problems, thought to be caused by worn out or poorer quality diaphragms inside the meters. Two years later, this figure was unchanged. National Grid did not intend that the reports would be made public.....





posted by Muissadiq | 3 years ago
Re: Faulty Gas Meter

I appear to have the same problem of faulty meters and can i get advise as to who to contact please


posted by John1982 | A year ago
Re: Faulty Gas Meter

I also have a faulty gas meters and need to report it so it can be fixed. Can i get advise as to who to contact please?


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Faulty Gas Meter
If it is faulty ring 0800 027 0072, but you should say why you think it is faulty.

posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: Faulty Gas Meter
@John1982 If you're CERTAIN your gas meter is faulty and a safety risk you should call 0800 111 999 - especially if you can smell gas. They'll give you emergency advice on what to do... don't switch anything electrical on OR OFF - sparks can ignite a gas leak.
If your meter is faulty for a non-emergency reason, like you think it's reading incorrectly you should call SP on the number often quoted on here and ask them to check and repair. A word of warning... if it turns out NOT to be faulty, they will charge you for the call-out and any work done. You need to be sure, so maybe get a local CORGI man round to assess first.