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Faulty meter - help!

posted by Emi | A week ago
There is something terribly wrong with the current bill, its says ive used 2000 kws in august alone.... that's more than what i use for rhe whole of winter! I dont even put my heating on from May.... its just not possible!
They are sending me a bill for more than £400 ....
How on earth can i contest this????

posted by Jonnel | A week ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!

@Emi The screenshot you've posted isn't your bill, it's your consumption graph, which is calculated from usage trends not actual figures and is always misleading at best, plain wrong at worst.

If you've actually received a bill - mail or pdf - post a picture of that, but blank out any personal information first.

posted by Mohamed | A week ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!
I need someone to help me repair the faulty meter please..
The screen has been broken and doesn’t show up any reading.
Thank you.

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!

@Mohamed   I suppose you mean the small display unit has a broken screen?  SP do not replace these as they often go wrong, and a new one needs to be paired to your system by an installer.  You will have to live without it, but it has no effect on your meters or your bills, people often turn them off and forget them.


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posted by Tettenh | A week ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!

Scottish Power is not really serious in resolving any of the issues raised by customers - my experience so far show that all they do is pay lip service and pretend that they care. Scottish Power will need to do more to prove that they care as their Complaint Officers do not take time to listen or to respond to the vidence provided and even worse they have gone ahead to increase monthly direct debits for wrong meter reading cases being investigated by the Ombudsman. This clearly not fair and does not demosntrate they the company cares about her customers.

posted by Emi | 7 days ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!
I know this all too well.... which is why i cancelled my direct debit and analyse each bill as it comes.

posted by Emi | 7 days ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!
Upon inspection...... (bills, bank statements etc)

They have just added £140 to the current account balance when it should have been approx 30. Once i get time... i will upload the bills (with personal info crossed off).
I had a terrible experience with customer service back in June when all i did was enquire about new tariffs.... cant help but feel that there has been some foul play - and if this is the case i hope they get sacked. I am assuming Scottish power will come back and say their staff are monitored and what not.... but someone has to take blame for this.... its wasted my time (which i dont have a lot of), caused unnecessary stress and i just feel that the company is dishonest and uncaring.

I honestly dont understand how such an error can happen. but of course its the customer who suffers.
However.... for the summer months its saying ive used more energy that in winter months. So i will be investigating further.

posted by Jonnel | 7 days ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!

@Emi Not sure if they're dishonest, but uncaring.... yep, absolutely. They're also inconsiderate, incompetent and negligent.

Seeing your bill should make things a little clearer - not sure where this £140 comes in for a start, as a reduction of the £400 bill or on top of it?

In the meantime, I would suggest taking some actual readings and comparing them with past actual readings from your online account - don't put them in yet though. Comparing them might throw up evidence of a faulty meter or wildly inaccurate estimated readings. If the readings you take from your meters today look right, then submit them and it should update and correct your account balance and bill.

posted by Dodgerdoo | 7 days ago
Re: Faulty meter - help!


I know where you are coming from I have been complaining since july last year and I'm still no nearer to a resolution. I agree totally incompetent,  negligent,  and very uncaring. What a load of xcx they are😣😣😣😣