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Faulty meter

posted by JanetteD | 4 months ago
I had smart meters installed last Thursday. After continually topping up and the balance not showing on the meter in my house I have been told that there is a fault with it. Every top up deletes the previous balance. I have only tried topping up £1 -£5 each time. I have now been told that the emergency credit will need to run out before an emergency engineer will come out. I have £4.75 left on the electric and slightly more on the gas. What happens if the emergency credit runs out on the weekemd? Will I be without electric? I have medication that needs to be kept in the fridge and will go off if the electric gets cut off.
Also the app, meter and what is shown on customer services screens all differ because they have not all "linked up yet" and could take 10-14 days? What should I do?

posted by Sandra1 | 2 months ago
Re: Faulty meter

My Meter is blank can nor reset cant see how much credit i have spoken to customer service waste of time

told to ring back in a couple of month due to covid no engineers attending , so when i top up will it register

or will i end up with no electric?


posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: Faulty meter
@sandra. What is blank, your handheld gadget or the meter. Try both of them for a credit reading. Just keep topping up as usual.

posted by Ramsmur | 2 months ago
Re: Faulty meter
Hi I’m having problems with my smart meter I’ve been on phone all day or trying to get through was supposed to get call back but they didn’t been on chat probably 6 hours in total they say there is technical issues was told a engineer had been arranged and would be 3-4 hours never arrived so did chat again and they checked and come back and said within the hour I’m afraid my meter will run out I topped up this morning but it’s not sent to my meter due to the issue I had to send a copy of the bank seating payment so they could do this manually but that never worked so stressed I have complained but again nobody got back.