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Final meter readings

posted by kateb | 2 years ago
Why has Scottish Power provided a final gas bill based on actual meter readings but a final electricity bill based on estimated readings? Both provided to my new supplier at the same time.

posted by BlackandGinger | 2 years ago
Re: Final meter readings

Why have Scottish Power based a final gas reading using an estimate? An actual reading was supplied by myself in addition to continuous readings sent from the Smart Meter.  I cannot now enter another up to date actual reading as the account seems to be closed.

posted by CPOWELL | 2 years ago
Re: Final meter readings


My mums final electricity bill estimate is incorrect can I give the correct reading please ?

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Final meter readings

Hi CPowell, Yes by all means give the correct reading to 0800 027 0072

posted by newitt | 2 years ago
Re: Final meter readings
I have received my final bill you email and cannot access it on line . I would like a paper bill posted to verify it’s correct before I pay as I want clarification

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Final meter readings

@newitt Ask customer services on 0800 027 0072

posted by nettielennox | A year ago
Re: Final meter readings

it seems to be impossible to submit a final meter reading on moving out of a house, especially if you are not styicking with Scottish ower in your new place - it says simply go to your account and submit reading but this is not possible on the website - the auto phone line does not accept a reading either, "does not recognise account number"  . This is awaste of a customer's time who only wants to pay her bill. So does anyone know what I can do

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Final meter readings

@nettielennox   You can give your reading to customer services. 0800 027 0072 

posted by ali34 | 8 months ago
Re: Final meter readings

i am moving to EDF as they offered a much better deal for my usage compared with all other suppliers. 

EDF have asked for readings which i supplied.

Today Scottish Power text and emailed me asking for readings under heading 'action required' 

but once logged on there is no-where to submit readings purely a 'its not to late to stay' message...

i would like to suggest that Scottich Power match other energy companies rates/offers...and i would have stayed and not have this worry that i should be submitting readings, but i can't. 

fraustrated of Essex !

posted by Davc | 8 months ago
Re: Final meter readings

@ali34   Normally the new supplier drives the process and you don't need to tell the old supplier. But SP like to have confirmation so send exactly the same numbers you gave to edf to contactus@scottishpower.com because their meter reading on the internet seems to be out of order.